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  1. Do they accept returns? I thought they said they didnt -_- Mine haven't came yet so i'm worried
  2. Hi, I dont have any torx screwdrivers to get the three screws off at the back and was just wondering if anyone knows what size I need so I can order some. Rob
  3. Looks great
  4. Cant wait till my postman arrives now! :D
  5. Was that just the standard delivery they offer? Ordered mine a few days ago cant wait :D :P
  6. will more than likely be second hand mate can't stretch too far on a uni budget
  7. I just ordered my windshield CC will defo look into buying the paint and wheel when I get my ST
  8. Just looked into that carbon collective glass, wow what a piece of kit :D more money gone out of my account this month -_-
  9. thanks guys :)
  10. Cheers mate :)
  11. I need new wiper blades but i'm not sure if I need specific ones can someone clarify this for me ( I know this sounds stupid )
  12. Thats what I was edging towards I live on B roads so it could be a very fun choice :D
  13. Thats so wierd i'm getting quotes for both around the same price as my 1.2 fiesta
  14. i'd love to see the guide for this when its done :) good find
  15. Hi There, so i've had my fiesta for a few years now and i've built up 3 years no claim bonus and I think its time to upgrade. But i'm really struggeling on what to get a Focus ST or a Fiesta ST, i'm edging towards the fiesta but if anyone has any benifits or downsides from owning either models could you let me know with some guidence please? :) Rob