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  1. 06 ST Air Con

    Well, thank you very much for the response! :) We really have outdone ourselves here when it comes to being a pair of right tools... For ages, it's been a bit odd, ive pressed it before and it works, and other times not, same with the GF... It all comes down to one thing i worked out today... The air flow dial has to actually be above 0 for the AC to kick in... LOL pressing AC when the wheel is set to off on the console will flick the light on until you let go.. however, turn the fans on to 1 or above and voila.... I feel like a right tard now, and I am sorry for wating your time ^^ Embarassed Mr Leroy.
  2. 06 ST Air Con

    Hey guys. The sun has hit us hard these last couple of days so we thought what better time to crack out some AC! =D But woe be us, the AC doesn't actually turn on. We press the button and the light comes on as we press it, but the moment you let go of the AC button, the light goes; basically it wont stay on/turn on. Any trouble shooting tips for a complete AC noob? Thanks! Mr Leroy.
  3. Changing Bulb - O/S

    I'm running into troubles with this still :( Problem I have now is that whilst there are only three screws to take the light out of place, one of them is tucked behind the bumper. I can't get any access behind the light due to the coolant tank blocking the path. I have my miracle managed to get the cap off and the bulb out, but refitting the new is not possible without either A: having the light out entirely, or B: removing the coolant tank. I'm not to keen on removing the bumper as I'm simply not confident with doing this. Am I really going to have to take it to a garage to be done? I thought these things were designed to be done on the hard shoulder?? :(
  4. Changing Bulb - O/S

    I might've confused matters, O/S on my car is N/S on a UK car, I'm driving a left hooker from the lovely nation of France. :(
  5. Changing Bulb - O/S

    Only screws or are there some nuts/bolts also, as I recall seeing one, but perhaps it was not related to the light. Thanks for the help! I will take a look once more :>
  6. Changing Bulb - O/S

    Hey guys! This is my first (and likely first of many) post within the forum! Thanks for having me. :> Ok, so I bought a 2006 ST 4 months back, and amongst untold amounts of keyings and such (which still need treatment, all in time) the Passenger side Main Beam Lamp has gone. I've bought a new bulb and it's the right one for sure. Ive popped the bonnet, squeezed my hand down the back of the lamp, unscrewed the black cap covering the bulb housing, and popped off the plug from the back of the bulb. Now i'm stumped completely. How do i get the bulb out in order to replace it? I'm trying to avoid taking out the large tank behind the lamp and all the piping as I know i will break it (and my partner will spaz if i do). any tips? :) Thanks!