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  1. Power Steering Failure

    Does anyone know how the power steering pump and and 'instrument cluster' are connected? Is it possible that the dashboard would be flash a warning light and I would lose all power steering because of an electrical fault rather than anything actually being wrong with the pump? Apparently there are no lose connections. all cables are fine. Have I got a chance of not paying for the pump if they put the old one back in, fix the dashboard and it works?
  2. Power Steering Failure

    Hi. Yes I agree getting shot is the best cause of action. Would rather not pay for them to attempt to fix it first. You could compare to driving a tank, yes! I'm not sure if it still like that now they have fitted the pump, but I think it is.
  3. Power Steering Failure

    Hi all. Hopefully some of you can offer some advise how to deal with this situation….. Got a power steering failure issue with my Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI ZETEC 2007 plate (mileage 68k) . Dealer diagnosed the problem as being the power steering pump which costs around £400 +VAT + Labour. They have fitted the part and now they're saying there is another issue with the "instrument cluster" which is preventing the new pump from working properly. Apperently they can "hear the pump trying to work" but due to this other issue it's not. There was no mention of this being faulty when they first diagnosed the car. Also, when the power steering failed on me, I could hear the pump trying to work (regular knocking sound that you can feel through the steering wheel) The instrument cluster cost another £450 + VAT + Labour, and to honest I have 0% confidence that this will be the end of it. Maybe I'm being cynical, but it feels like they've got me to commit to the first lot of works, fitted that and now I've got my hands tied so they can fleece as much money from me as possible! I asked about the option of buying the car off me outright rather than doing the works, but after an initial offer of £1900 (£1100 knocked off normal price due to works required) now the manager has decided he doesn't want to buy it at all, therefore forcing me into a corner. I sure as hell don't want to park ex it and buy anything else off them if I can help. also value the car at around £1900, never used them, but I've heard they knock you down loads when they actually see the car. Any ideas what I should do would be gratefully received!
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums focused1979 :)