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  1. Camshaft Sensor Change - Help

    Hello All, After lots of hours and some days of googling i think i found the root cause of my car problem. I have a Ford Focus 2006 mk2 1.6 tdci 109hp (80kw) Resuming the symptom: When i pass 2500rpm the car just stop accelerating the RPM goes to 0 and then car turns off. I thought it might be the MAF so i turned it off and also i have it cleaned and test with out being on and some error. So more 1 day googling and it looks like it might be the camshaft sensor... First question: Would this fit my car Second question: Where is this sensor located? Anyone can give me some techincal manual for my car or some help? Thank you very much in advance. BR Nuno
  2. Ford Focus 2006 Owners Manual

    Thank you so much :) Your google work better then mine lol. Really thx.
  3. Ford Focus 2006 Owners Manual

    Hello Everyone, I have googled for several hours and i cant find any manual for FORD FOCUS 2006 Europe Version... Not on Ford website, or everywhere... Is it possible for someone to send me some link or the pdf itself? Thank you for the help in advance. Best Regards, Nuno Aparicio
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Naparicio :)