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  1. Can Anyone Help?

    Cheers for the reply lads, think am gonna give it a shot. Any idea what the mounts would be like? Nd are they in similar sorta place?
  2. Can Anyone Help?

    Does anyone know if an st170 engine would fit into a mk6 fiesta? If so could i wire the engine harness into my own and use the same clocks?
  3. Mk6 Fiesta St170

    Hi guys after abit of advice, i currently own a 1.4 fiesta st replica, my mate at work has an st170 n is converting it to a rs in the next cuple of months. I can get everything needed, st170 engine 6 speed box, shafts mounts ecu harness ect (quite cheap aswell) Just wondering how diificult it would be 2 put everything in the fiesta. I know i should realy go for the easier st150 but dont wanna be like every other fiesta st around. Thanks in advance
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Mk6fez :)