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  1. Hi there, I wondered if anybody could identify a hose on my mk1 1.8 tdci 115 please. It is between the intercooler and turbo, above the metal pipe. It's red and has two hose clips on it. If you look on this link.... It is the one you can see next to the writing. Mine has a bit of oil coming out the bottom of it and it recently left a light misting over the top of the metal pipe. What does that indicate and could that cause any damage? What would normal symptoms be if this hose failed? Could anyone also point me in the right direction to buy a replacement please? Thanks Ben
  2. After another full service, the problem seems to have resolved. I'm guessing a faulty fuel filter or dirty fuel had clogged it as Karlos suggested. I'm going to blank the egr anyway. Would a 1.5mm stainless steel blanking plate be adequate? Such as this one.... I did try searching on here, but couldn't find a specific answer. Thanks for everyone's help Ben
  3. Can I just double check. Would this be the correct one? Thanks Ben
  4. Not standard practice. I know it's terrible but it was just to help diagnose the problem. Thanks Ben
  5. Thanks for the help. It hasn't always been like it. Only in the last few thousand miles. Engines done 70k. Air filter was done 5000 miles ago so that will be another thing I order this week. I have read about the egr. Mine isn't smokey but I will be blanking it off to see if it helps. Does an egr valve work through the rev range or is it only open lower down? I will also try and clear all the deposits in the manifold, inter cooler etc. Thanks again
  6. Yeh I guess it would be worth doing again. I will get that done this week. I always use decent branded fuel as well as I've heard bad things about supermarket diesel. Thanks for your help
  7. Thanks for your help. It was done within the last 5000 miles. Would it be worth doing again? Are there 2 fuel filters or just the one?
  8. Hi there, Sorry my first post is a question, but I have a problem with my focus. It's a 2003 Focus Zetec Estate with a 1.8 TDCI (115). It seems to have a loss of power over 3000rpm. It only happens when the engine is up to temperature and under load. It happily boosts up to 3000rpm and feels powerful, but from then on its like driving through custard. It feels like the engines holding back at full throttle, sometimes it will hesitate and stutters it's way up to the redline. Other times it will just struggle to climb up the revs. From cold it flies to the redline. And it only happens over 3000rpm. I had the fuel pump done as it felt like it was underfueling. Diagnostics threw up the crankshaft sensor but that has now been sorted. No other faults are showing. I've also tried some fuel additive and given it an Italian tune up. Nothing has helped so far. Does anyone have any ideas? Please? Thanks in advance Ben
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums BenHancock :)