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  2. Oh bugger - looks like I am getting more tcut scratch remover then :(
  3. My bonnet on my 1.8 2003 Focus is covered in scratches, was like that when i bought it a few weeks ago. I have tried tcut / scratch remover / MER polish etc but they keep coming back. Is there anything else I can do ? Or if not then roughly how much would it cost to get the bonnet resprayed at a garage ? It is Panther black.
  4. My dad had the same problem a few years ago due to bad hearing and a quiet clicker. I bought small piezo buzzers and just wired them to the indicators.
  5. Starting to sound complicated. The company have send me out replacement LED repeaters but I may just put in some silvertec bulbs instead. It's a shame coz all the rest are LED :(
  6. I did put some wee silvertec bulbs in my side repeaters when i put in clear covers. I just thought it would be nice to have some bright LEDs in the back seeing as i put in the clear lexus cluster
  7. Do you mean one resistor for left and one for right ? Could I use a scotchlok type connector just into the wire before the bulb ?
  8. It was both sides, I swapped the bulbs round on each side and also turned them round the other way but it didn't help. I emailed the company and they are sending me out a new set. Is there a special kind of resistor i need ? Where does it go ? Will I need to replace front and side indicators with LED too ?
  9. I bought myslef some rear Lexus style clear lights for the back of my MK1 Focus. Looking reakky nice now. I also got a full set of LED bulbs to replace all back bulbs. They have all worked except for the rear indicators. They do not light up at all. I have the correct type - 382 21w type bulbs, they fit. I have tried turning them round. I read somewhere about resistors. Can anyone help? Do I have to replace ALL indicator buls around the car and then buy resistors? Which ones, where do i connect them ? Or can I get a special kind of LED bulb that works.
  10. My mate and I attempted to remove the tow bar on my MK1 Focus but we couldn't get the bols holding the bumper to move - they just kept spinning. We did however manage to see the two large nuts and bolts holding the back bit onto the towbar. So a lot of wd40 and some brute force with a big spanner and we got the back bit off. This means I can't sell as a full unit but it does mean it won't weaken the car as the big bar is still inside and the car looks much better without the big chunky bit of metal sticking out the back.
  11. I managed to get a replacement control box sent from the company after a few emails back and forth. It worked as soon as i plugged it in so i must have had a faulty one. :)
  12. I had to buy a new remote key for the focus when i got it so i now know hot to program it so is fine if i need to do it
  13. I must have double clicked mine once by accident then
  14. Yeah I have a couple coming from Amazon. I have heard of a few folk having to reprogram the key after battery swap but other say if it's quick change then it's fine
  15. LMAO - I did see something like this either on top gear or gadget show about using the skull as an amp.