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  1. Hi Driving to work this morning when everything on the car just cut out completely - dead Got to side of road and turned ignition off an on again and car restarted and has so far managed to get me to the rest of way to work and back home again Problem is that noticed on way home that I don't have any head lights - I have main beam and side lights but nothing else on either side I'm hoping that this is just something as simple as a fuse blowing, and not something more sinister or expensive! Any help appreciated Cheers
  2. Cheers for that! Feel a bit of a dumbass if it is just feedback - guess just not a car this responsive before! Cheers
  3. Hi I've just bout and 11 plate 1.4 fiesta zetec, and whilst overall it's a superb car, noticed a couple of issues that wanted to check in on Firstly, there front brakes seem to be producing a lot of brake dust, more than I have ever noticed on any other car I've had The other issue is that the car feels as though it's almost jumping off the road when going over bumps or repairs, to the point where it feels as though it's changing direction to follow any groove in the road for example. This is even worse when I go over as bump going round a corned as the car basically wants to change direction and it ain't the most comfortable feeling on the world! As it's was bought from a main ford dealer after a full service, I an wondering if it's just new pads bedding in and if they've over inflated the tyres slightly (not had chance to check this yet) Any help/advise would be appreciated Cheers
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums MarkG70 :)