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  1. im guessing wiring ive been all over the bits i can see, ive had the module out of the boot (drivers side) nothing i can see I will have one more go at it or it wll get replaced with aftermarket stuff but it's a shame as it's really good when it works
  2. its a bit strange reverse lights work,, sensors stop working front and back and the on off switch on the dash lights to show its not active,
  3. hi I have a problem with the factory fitted parking assist,it happends every winter or when ever it gets cold or damp. It stops working completly and the switch lights to show it isn't working. I have checked all the connections to the sensors got a spare sensor and changed one at a time so its not a sensor playing up opened the module and looked for a bad joint. thats as much as i can do, has anyone got any ideas thanks.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums fireman3 :)