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  1. I've never solved the problem with the voice control but my head unit works perfect, I do miss the voice control. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  2. I don't think you have anything to worry about as my code never came back ....but my Bluetooth hasn't worked since? Probably not linked?? Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  3. I know this is a very old post but did you manage to clean the headlights?.... I have the same issue.
  4. I need to buy a bluetooth module for my 2008 focus as I suspect my one is faulty but I'm not sure if the one I've seen second hand will work in my car. According to the seller it was taken from a 2011 fiesta (PART NUMBER IS 8M5T-19C112-AT) but it will fit my 2008 focus apparently??? Is that true??? I thought it wasn't as easy as that. Also is there a test I can do on my old module to be sure it's finished? Thanks.
  5. Yes I think you are spot on. I cleared the code and its never come back. Cheers for the reply.
  6. Have you found out if the cable come loose, or whether it has a fault? Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  7. I might buy from the UK for peace of mind.....
  8. I like the look of the GS8000L.......Gonna have a look on ebay. Cheers for the info mate
  9. Ok mate thanks....I'll check it out. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  10. Can anyone recommend a dash cam?
  11. Cheers for the info mate....I will check the CMAX out.
  12. I never managed to break mine but I must admit the first time I changed them really annoyed the hell out of me. I also found the hole that the bulb goes through seems very small ......had to find a smaller LED in the end.
  13. Hello. Yes I will probably have to go for a Mondeo Titanium x with a few extra miles ....and as you say the Focus seem to fetch a fair bit of money and they sell all day.... I've been offered £6400 from the UPS driver that comes to my work and he is happy to wait for when I'm ready to sell in August (Second car!!) , Just hope he can really wait. I've never really had a look at a CMAX but it looks like you wasn't too keen on them.
  14. I find that the Focus feels small inside for a guy of my size (6ft 3) ..... I feel I'm sitting on top of the car if you know what I mean lol. I also find the ride to be a little harsh at times even though I'm on 16 inch rims. I know most cars these days can be harsh but I thought with the 16 inch wheels It would be OK. I had a Mondeo for 8 years prior to the Focus and found it to be a great car.....never let me down once. Other than that the Focus is a really nice car, Just maybe not for a lump like me lol, I will be looking to buy a Mondeo around August time if I can afford it.
  15. Very nice car. I wanted the Mondeo but I ended up buying the Focus Titanium, Just wish I hadn't now.