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  1. Mk6 Front Passenger Seat Belt

    My front passenger seat belt buckle is pretty dodge and takes a few goes to get the belt in and sometimes comes out, does anyone know if I can just swap the buckle straight over without having to swap the pretensioner etc. cheers,
  2. Does anyone know where I can get the conenctor on the wiring loom for the crankshaft sensor, i tried donpillsautos on ebay as someone before suggested but the part that arrived was for a petrol and I need it for a diesel 02-08 cheers,
  3. Hi all, The light on my heater control has blown and needs changing, I've bought the correct bulb but when I went to change them over i was unable to get to the bulbs? Has anyone been able to change theirs over without damaging the fascia? cheers in advance
  4. Mk6 Fiesta 1.4Tdci Crankshaft Sensor Plug

    Hi Dan, Its the connector/plug on the loom im after? I contacted the ebay seller you mentioned and hopefully he has the bit I'm after cheers.
  5. I need a Crankshaft sensor plug on the wiring loom ideally that has been cut off with about 3/4 inches of wire attached. If anyone has a wiring loom that they dont use I would happily buy this part of them please get in contact. email: mobile: 07446259368
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums joecampion :)