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  1. I think you do not have GEM, with S-max and Mondeo it is the BCM (HSScan) and/or IPC (MSCan). You have to read CCD from BCM or IPC under the tab 'procedures'. Let me know if it works because with my S-max I get a checksum failure from BCM but reading it with ignition off it strangly works. The IPC reads fine. What I still haven't figured out is wich CCD I have to change, IPC and/or BCM. Changing CCD from BCM I get a DTC that won't go away, even when I change the same in IPC. I'm working on it. DON'T forget, first time reading CCD make a backup so you always can put the original back!! Also, if you have elmconfig 0.2.10 you can download 'as built' but first put in your Vin if you do this.
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums pgee :)