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  1. Hi Liam sorry as I'm new to this site. I thought it was ok to comment on my post
  2. Did u send a link mate???
  3. N No worries mat when u get chance that would be great. Thank you
  4. Hi guys does anybody have a copy of a Haynes manual for a mk1 ford focus?? I'm wanting to remove both front and rear bumpers and fit a body kit I've bought, and have been told that there is a step by step guide in the Haynes book on removing them. If anyone can help id be so grateful. Cheers
  5. Hi guy's thanks for all your feedback. FOCA the reason I was lookin at the cone filter was I had one on my escort and it sounded nice and did slightly improve the performance. So thought if I fitted it on my focus it would do the same. Just thinking of a few cheap little mods to add as I've not got a great deal of spare cash at the mo
  6. Thanks guys for your help, i have a mk1 petrol 1800 car for the record. I had one of these cone induction kits on my old escort and thought it was good and didn't seem to cause any problems. Can any of you guys send me a link to such filters just so I know I'm on the right track when buying the filter. Thanks for the welcome and look forward to the future on here. Cheers
  7. Hi all bit of advice if possible? I'm wanting to do a few mods to my focus, but am confused about 1 thing. I'm after an induction kit which I have found on eBay the only thing is it says do not fit to a car if it has a factory fitted air sensor. How will I find out if it does?????? Thank
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Scott1970 :)

    1. Scott1970


      Cheers Steve its a pleasure joining