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  1. Ford Focus 2005 Ghia Problem

    It will start, but wont go over 2000 revs. Yeah thats what wev done today :) my mate brought down the diagnostic machine and its coming up with a code of P0B 80 the glow plugs or heater circuit? So gonna try and change the glow plugs which are annoying to access but worth a try. Any other tips? Thanks for the info so far :)
  2. Hello, Im quite new to this (around 10 minutes in.....) so apologies if iv posted this to the wrong area... Basically my mate bought a Ford Focus very cheap as it had dents on the driver side wing, which has now been filled and sprayed and the car was fine for a little while, did occasionally throw a paddy i.e. go into limp mode when it went uphill. Then the turbo blew :/ turbo was replaced, working again with the odd limp mode paddy, now its stuck in limp mode and wont budge. Suggestions like the particle filter have been made, but we put in a particle filter off an 08 plate focus and it did nothing. Someone suggested to take it to get plugged into a diagnostics tool, yet it cant be budged so this is not an option. If anyone could help that would be amazing!!
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Nat88 :)

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      Thanks. How on earth do I post a question?? Haha