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  1. I have a focus mk2 2006 I am giving it to my daughter as I have recently purchased a new focus I would like to know that if I purchase the cd 6000 with bluetooth is it a straight swap over wiring wise the one fitted now has the phone button on the face but I have been told that it isn't bluetooth many thanx all
  2. cheers
  3. hi all I wonder if anyone can throw some light on this problem I have owned my car for 4 years now and have never been able to pair a phone. I have a focus ghia on a 2006 plate the unit is cd6000 but now I have been told that it will never work because I don't have a voice button on volume column if this is right should I forget any further attempts and look for a unit that I can fit in its place if so is there a unit that will work with existing controls many thanx
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums scattman57 :)