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  1. Poor headlights on 65reg focus

    I've recently bought some osram laser bulbs which are quite good. Have had nightbreaker unlimited before and although they are significantly brighter they don't last too long especially in winter with added use. The only issue I have at Moment is that the beam seems to be very low even when adjusted to top level. I am going to try adjusting the lights with the screws in the headlight and hopefully that will make it better. In mk2.5 the lights were quite high and went a long way and just hope this will fix it
  2. Hi all Have recently bought a 2014 mk3 focus and I want to change the bulbs to a white style. I have taken the headlight out this evening presuming it would be a 5 minute job. I know on the mk2.5 there was a fiddly little lolly pop stick thing with the bulb on the end and thought ford would have made it a lot simpler for mk3 Anyway took off the headlight and popped off the rubber cover at the top for the side light bulb and it doesn't seem to be attached to anything other than a wire and it was about 2 inches inside the cover. I only had a quick look before my fingers started freezing up so will have a better look tomorrow. The manual doesn't really give any information so hope someone can give me a helpful tip or 2 to get it out to replace. Thanks
  3. Goodbye mk2.5 zetec s hello mk3 zetec EcoBoost 1l

    I'm always worried bout performance. A very chips etc and will they affect insurance if ever need to claim. Is tempting though for bit extra power. Is there anything else I would need to improve I. E. Cooling etc?
  4. Goodbye mk2.5 zetec s hello mk3 zetec EcoBoost 1l

    Are the fuses in the footwell like the mk2.5?
  5. Goodbye mk2.5 zetec s hello mk3 zetec EcoBoost 1l

    Also thanks for the offer of wheels but I also Iike that the ones on it make the ride smoother with a bit of extra bounce and hopefully the tracking won't get thrown out every 6 weeks!
  6. Goodbye mk2.5 zetec s hello mk3 zetec EcoBoost 1l

    I do prefer the mk3 except the rear light cluster looking a bit phallic going into back panel! 😆 That is the main reason I got red because it doesn't show up quite so Much. What can a remap do to this e give then? Money is tight at mo cos saving for a wedding too. On the test drive it was not as fast as mine but I was more after economy if I'm honest. Getting 25mpg average was getting me a bit down Tbh lol
  7. Goodbye mk2.5 zetec s hello mk3 zetec EcoBoost 1l

    I don't think there's much I'm going to do to this one. Probably over the first 6 months I'll get some little bits and bobs to go on to It but not sure. Possibly door sill protectors if it doesnt have them (can't remember) and need to get dash cam wired in. On that note can anyone tell me how to wire it in. On old car I used a fuse tap and wired it to ignition live fuse. Haven't searched forum yet but if anyone can guide me then all the easier for me lol
  8. So 2 weeks ago my pride and joy was written off! . A SkipSkip lolorry pulled out of a junction and went into the back panel and fuel tank filler cap. See picture. Insurance company did assessment and said there was structural damage which would cost too Much to repair. So I'm Guessing the fuel tank is attached to the chassis somehow and taken a beating. Anyway I am Absolutely gutted cos this was my favourite shape, model and colour car and I cant believe how sad I'll be to see it go after 3 years. On th plus side it was costing me an absolute fortune having tracking done every 6to8 weeks cos of stiff suspension and big 18inch alloys. So yesterday I went and ordered a 2014 1 litre EcoBoost Zetec in red. See other picture. Can anyone tell me anything to look put for when I get it problem wise cos I've got warranty till April 2017 and want to get things sorted early if there is anything Thanks Lee
  9. alternator packed up

    I recently had a dead battery and thought it could be alternator. Thankfully mine was just the battery... Or I'm hoping so. Wouldn't start each morning so had to bump start down hill to get it going. Occasionally battery would keep enough charge so thought of alternator. Each time it would throw up loads of error codes in reader and have been told this is normal when battery is flat cos instrument panel and ecu doesn't know what's going on so throws up codes. Touch wood since changing battery i haven't had any issues at all. Hope for your sake too it's just battery or slipping belt as above
  10. Heater Controls Upgraded

    So I decided I fancied a bit of a change and as I have decided I'm going to do a few cheap mods I bought some blue heater control dials. I've seen some silver ones on here and I liked the look of them. I thought the blue would look good on mine and I quite like the look of them. Hope you like. I'm gonna get a few other mods inside the same colour hopefully. Having just looked at pics again you can't really see them clearly so will wait till daytime and take some more
  11. Calliper Colour Advice

    Thanks for that. I've got 18 inch st style ones (I think that's what they're called) so will be highly visible through them. I am kind of leaning towards the silver on the rear and blue for the front calipers. Although black on the rear is also an option. I have both colours so might spray silver first as they aren't too rusty right now then if I change my mind will paint black. Yours do look pretty cool. I will put some pics on when they're done.
  12. Calliper Colour Advice

    hi all, as you can hopefully see in my profile pic i have a blue focus and i wondered what people thought of painting brake callipers? this would include the drims on the back also. i was contemplating a choice of 3 colours....... 1) paint them silver as they already are 2) paint them black 3) paint them blue. (kind of going off this idea though for the rear drums! might be a bit too much maybe?!) Obviously i will be using calliper/high temp paint but wondered if any of you focus enthusiasts had any ideas or opinions. Lee
  13. Rear Badge Light

  14. Rear Badge Light

    I'm on my phone at minute but when I get logged in to a comp I will put one on.
  15. Rear Badge Light

    Thanks Lenny but I don't think it is exactly the same as I'm your guide that is the one I read originally. This one is a complete unit that lights up even the ford writing. I believe the one you had is the one that lights up around the sides of the badge which you remove and replace. Will I still need a dremmell to remove the badge as it is a complete replacement unit.