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  1. So I decided I fancied a bit of a change and as I have decided I'm going to do a few cheap mods I bought some blue heater control dials. I've seen some silver ones on here and I liked the look of them. I thought the blue would look good on mine and I quite like the look of them. Hope you like. I'm gonna get a few other mods inside the same colour hopefully. Having just looked at pics again you can't really see them clearly so will wait till daytime and take some more
  2. Thanks for that. I've got 18 inch st style ones (I think that's what they're called) so will be highly visible through them. I am kind of leaning towards the silver on the rear and blue for the front calipers. Although black on the rear is also an option. I have both colours so might spray silver first as they aren't too rusty right now then if I change my mind will paint black. Yours do look pretty cool. I will put some pics on when they're done.
  3. hi all, as you can hopefully see in my profile pic i have a blue focus and i wondered what people thought of painting brake callipers? this would include the drims on the back also. i was contemplating a choice of 3 colours....... 1) paint them silver as they already are 2) paint them black 3) paint them blue. (kind of going off this idea though for the rear drums! might be a bit too much maybe?!) Obviously i will be using calliper/high temp paint but wondered if any of you focus enthusiasts had any ideas or opinions. Lee
  4. http://bit.ly/18jFz5u
  5. I'm on my phone at minute but when I get logged in to a comp I will put one on.
  6. Thanks Lenny but I don't think it is exactly the same as I'm your guide that is the one I read originally. This one is a complete unit that lights up even the ford writing. I believe the one you had is the one that lights up around the sides of the badge which you remove and replace. Will I still need a dremmell to remove the badge as it is a complete replacement unit.
  7. Hi all. I have just purchased a red one of these from fleebay for 20 quid and intend fitting it to the rear of my car. I want to connect it to the number plate connection so as it comes on when they are on. (I tend to have my lights on in daytime anyway as I have led side lights and like the look) 😃. I have read a post which had the original badge over a backlit surround but I prefer the look of this if I'm honest. Anyone got any ideas how easy/ hard it may be to connect to the number plate bulbs or any issues I could have with removing the original badge? As soon as I get it and start fitting I will update. Cheers as always for any help. Lee
  8. thanks guys. I have loved the focus since it came out and was waiting till i could afford one to buy. then the mk2.5 came out and i started saving harder lol love everything about it now. Your mods are great and i will be hopefully trying some myself as soon as i can afford to start ebay shopping! any other decent places to buy parts from? Lee
  9. Hi. I recently bought my 2010 Zetec s and so far am loving it. I have read through a lot of posts about mods but wanted to start a post which I could get some ideas for cheap mods which add a little something extra to an already awesome car. Any posts and ideas welcome. Here are a few pics of the car now. Not very arty and some are from inside the dealer when I picked it up. Hope you like it.
  10. thanks for that advice. will stay away fom the HID kits then. i kind of figured as much as it had been the same on my previous car. i just didn't know if the focus had a way of making a more distinguishable outline on the lights. also thanks for the steering issue. i am keeping mine in sport too anyway from now on. much prefer it. Any advice on which disk brakes and pads to use when i replace mine? i have been told APEC are a good make but are pretty standard. any others which are a bit sharper? Lee
  11. Hi there, i'm a new owner of a 2010 zetec s focus. (pics to be added shortly). to start with i absolutely love it. I had a toyota yaris for 7 years previously and that was bulletproof (not literally) but now i am loving my new focus. :D The question i would like to ask is about xenon HID kits. i bought one for my yaris and fitted it and i loved the way it lit up the road. unfortunately mr MOT man decided it was a fail because there was no defined line shining on the test wall. With the kit i bought it alos removed the full beam option because the lights were bright enough. (this i later found out was an automatic fail anyway) you live and learn i guess. I therefore had to remove them and fit the original bulbs for the retest! i was wondering if anyone has fitted any to their focus and put it through an MOT? i am thinking about buying some for winter but don't want the same happening again. if so do you have a link where i could buy them? Also on a totally different topic i wanted to ask about the steering options on the focus. I had mine in standard for a while then onto comfort. i noticed that the car felt a bit 'loose' handling on the roads. I live in sheffield which is renowned for bad roads and it just didn't feel quite right. it just felt as if the car was pulling to one side and wasn't staying straight. I then put it into sport steering and it felt tons better. Does the sport steering option just stiffen up the power steering through the steering wheel or does it do anything to the actual steering/suspension of the wheels? (i may be just being thick right now) either way it now feels like i imagine a focus to feel from all the great reviews i've read. thanks for any help/ advice i can get from anyone and i love reading some of the guides on here. Lee
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums leesheffield1 :)