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  1. Starting problems are either egr , inlet manifold, injectors or the vibration damper. It could be worth having a look at the immobilizer as that could be faulty. Clutch and dmf doesn't make sense to me either. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  2. See what you think of this. It could be this simple. You'd never know. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  3. I'd be thinking the inlet manifold is clogged up or else egr. As stated above blank off egr first to rule that out. Then look at manifold before going at dmf and clutch.
  4. Hi guys. I need to take out and clean the manifold in my mk 4 Mondy. Anyone have a guide in this? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the speedy reply. That's what I thought.
  6. Can anyone definitively tell me the procedure for when the injectors are put back in. i.e. Do they need to be primed or does cranking the engine do the trick?
  7. Well guys.... I rang 2 main Ford Dealers today and they both told me that the 1.8 tdci mk4 mondeo Siemens injectors DO NOT need to he programmed. You learn something new everyday.
  8. Ok. That does make sense as my replacements don't seem to be running all that well. My old ones were taken out and numbered 1-4. If I have those reconditioned will they too have to be programmed in or are they good to go?
  9. I had a random set of four injectors that were put in like I said and not coded by a garage. Is this a malpractice then? I'm at a loss now. I still have the originals numbered 1-4 as they were taken out and it's those that I will send to get reconditioned.
  10. That applies to the mk 3 and older engines only. There is no specific order in which to put in the injectors on the mk 4. You run the car for 30 mins and let the ecu learn each injector. That much I know but I want to know how to take them out and if there's any problem with putting them back in, i.e. air in the fuel supply?
  11. Yeah. Sorry forgot that bit. 2008 mk 4. As far as I know there's no coding needed.
  12. I need to have my injectors reconditioned. But I don't want the added cost of my garage taking out the injectors and putting them back in. Is it as straight forward as it seems and will there be any problems trying to start the car after re fitting. A guide would be handy if anyone has one. Thanks in advance guys. Always very helpful.
  13. Hi guys. I need to swap out the pump as it's almost dead. I've poured hot water thinking it might be goo but the pump fails for front and back. Mondeo mk 4 by the way. Thanks.
  14. After further investigation I think the part is called a cutoff shield. It's screwed on and can be removed. Just not that confident that it can be bought on its own.
  15. Can anybody tell me what is the part called that goes in front of the dipped beam bulb within the headlamp. Its like it shields the tip of the bulb. I need to get some replacements but don't know what they are called. Trying to upload a pic but getting a system error.