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  1. Joining The Club!

    Thanks, Willy....looks great! How much did the Alloy Pedal upgrade set you back? Was that done in factory, or later at the dealers? Cheers.
  2. Joining The Club!

    I bought it through an online broker. After driving the Mk7 and reading reviews about the Mk7.5 I bought it without a test drive. I work a lot so it was more convenient for me.
  3. Joining The Club!

    Great, thanks! Much appreciated!
  4. Joining The Club!

    Thanks William! Do you have any more, or know where I could find some? I took my driving lessons/test in the pre-facelift model which is why I decided to buy one...but I've never actually had the opportunity to see the interior, other than in Fords cgi photos.
  5. Joining The Club!

    Hi everyone! About the join the Fiesta Club.....recently ordered a Titanium X to replace my year 2000 Megane. I was just wondering if anyone had any pictures of the interior, as the majority of them are of the exterior. I've gone with the 3 door, in Midnight Sky with Sat-Nav, 17" Alloys and Parking Sensors, I cant wait!
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Vdera :)