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  1. Hi, can anyone tell me what the "Media" button does on a 57 plate Ranger Thunder. The user manual which comes with the vehicle doesnt even cover the radio fitted. Thanks
  2. Parrot CK3100 incar phone for Ranger

    Hi Freya, I have a 57 Plate Double Cab Thunder and have just bought and installed a CK3100. You will need to purchase an SOT lead which enables the Parrot to be simply plugged into the wiring harness at the rear of the car stereo. The SOT leads are around £20. Installing it isnt a simple project. If i hadnt been shown how to remove the radio/stereo fascia panel i would never have done it. You have to remove the three heater control knobs by pulling them forwards and behind the two outer knobs are two screws which need to be removed. The fascia then pulls off from the bottom just above the sliding heater control. Be carefull as its easily broken! The Parrot then connects to the wiring which you un plug from the rear of the radio. If you need any more help just ask! Thanks Mark