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  1. Mondeo Wont Start

    Hi the fault codes were p1631 (main relay lp overhold) Also b2290 fault 59595952 also communicatiin bus fault b911,b912,b913, b914,b915,b916 really havent a clue what this is.
  2. Mondeo Wont Start

    Hi all looking for a bit of help please. I have a mondeo Tddi it started spluttering then cut out I waited until the temp went back down and it would start fine but the other day it cut out and wouldnt restart. So I thought to myself ahhh the egr valve I cleaned it all out along with the inlets still wouldnt start. I changed the fuel filter and nothing. Ive put a diagnostic kit on it and it came up with main relay all relays have now been tested and working fine. Ive had a look at the injectors and have diesal coming out ( not sure of the pressure though ). Im now at a loss at to what it could be any advice would be appreciated as I really dont want to get rid of it :( I dont have money to keep throwing at it either) Thanks Jason
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Thingymajiggy :)