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  1. Engine Malfunction

    Ok Got feedback from the guy. You where spot on. The fuel additive module was causing issues on the CAN. This then was masking the real culprit the glow plug control module which was then throwing up a Fault causing the limp mode. FACM now disconnected and Issue sorted with the glow plugs. Car being tested now to make sure all clear. Should be good to be lifted later today.
  2. Engine Malfunction

    Thanks guys will leave well enough alone for now and see the guy that carried out the work on Monday. Let u know how I got on
  3. Engine Malfunction

    Dam auto correct. I cleared the -60 code it didn't come back just the -20 one.
  4. Engine Malfunction

    Cohen I cleared the fact it did not come back it was the -20. Half filled nite before with fuel
  5. Engine Malfunction

    Sorry Tom.It was a local Indy guy how specializes in DPF removal. Rang him earlier and he will check things on Monday (probably at a cost). Work was done last week and only issues today. Also no P error codes. In car at them moment and got another error U1900-60 this time see below. Cleared that too and ran engine awhile re-read and got the original u1900-20. Which I am told are not important codes but that dam Engine Malfunction. Will disconnect the Pressure sensor tomorrow. You mentioned Temp is that the one at the bottom of the DPF/CAT
  6. Engine Malfunction

    OK Cleared engine u codes and re checked all ok. But Engine malfunction now when ignition turned on and no error codes shown on any of the modules If no errors and engine malfunction how does one proceed. Checked Speed and rpm on Forsan and all looked ok. Out of Ideas Help
  7. Engine Malfunction

    Hi All got DPF removed last week and car was going great until this morning. Engine Malfunction warning started and ran forscan shown in the images below No P codes and suggested can message for Engine Speed. Was speaking to Auto electrician suggested Cam sensor. Check output. Have not used FORSCAN much but is camshaft listed in the sensor list. and If I monitor it what should it look like on the oscilloscope. Or do I just look at the values. What will determine if its faulty Does anyone have other suggestion to look at with the u1900-20 code. It does still start just engine malfunction and Limp mode. Thanks

    Got the DPF holed and mapped out. Was advised not to do a regen because of the high miles could do more damage with the high rpm. Great job though no Dpf and the torque in the car has improved. Wait to see if mpg goes up though. No more issues. Unit came today as well so will install software And keep for future use

    Is this the software needed for the cable

    My Delphi software does not cover my car for regen. Where is best place to get. For scan and lead to be able to do regen

    Will try a regen and update thanks

    Was changing the oil and filter on my 08 1.6 Tdci when I noticed some black soot around the air box. On further investigation I found that the upper pipe on the pressure sensor was broken. Don't know how long it was broken but no errors. After oil change and fixed pipe started Car and engine malfunction warning started. Rechecked all the pipes and wires all looks good. But still error. Don't understand if it was broken for awhile why no errors but once reconnect pipe errors appear any thoughts thanks
  13. Injector Leak

    I have tighten them to 5nm and a bit. Still somke smell in the Cabin. It has gone down a bit, Dont want to torque any more just in case i break a stud. Any one know the part numbers for the injector seal and associated componets or where best to get them
  14. Injector Leak

    Its a 1.6 TDCI. I would rather replace the copper seal than tighten. But if it is a nasty Job to remove then I would tighten and then look at replacement after I return
  15. Injector Leak

    Hi All Had not got chance to go through the Forum in fine detail it see if some one has already done this, But I suspect I have a leak in First injector on the right side of the engine. 2008 Focus TDCI DuraTec Diesel. Smell what I think is exhaust gas in the cabin. Was talking with a local mechanic. He said that the injectors on these if they leak are very difficult to remove and in some cases part of the head comes away with the injector. I have done injectors on 2005 Fiesta before. But do I need a special tool to remove the injector and is there a guide on this forum to see how its done. Going on Camping Hols in 4 days and would like to see if I can get it sorted before I go Thanks