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  1. Air Con Not Working At Idle

    The air con light stays on. It's not the econetic model
  2. Air Con Not Working At Idle

    Hi Yes the blowers still work but no cold air comes out until I start moving.
  3. Hello I purchased a 2008 Ford Fiesta Zetec S Diesel around five months ago but have noticed a problem with the air con. At first the air con diidn't work at all but we had it regassed and it now does blow cold air. However the issue is that the air con only seems to blow cold air when I'm accelerating and as soon as I pull up to traffic lights or stop then there is no cold air at all. Then after pulling away the cold air starts blowing again. Would appreciate any thoughts on what this could be? Many Thanks Sarah
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums selloveday :)