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  1. Focus Mk3 Sony DAB Radio Dash Surround

    Hi. I always use the website 24/7 for any spares I need, they are very good
  2. Little Trip Computer

    Thanks a lot, but not too easy to find are they?
  3. Little Trip Computer

    Another topic Where the H*** is the A/C charging point on a Focus
  4. Little Trip Computer

    The ABS sensor was changed, oh 6 weeks ago
  5. Little Trip Computer

    After having an ABS sensor changed myTrip Computer has started reading Backwards in the mode that gives distance availability i.e. the more fuel I use the further I can go, What could be the problem??
  6. Fuel

    Hi fellow members, I am desperate to ascertain the MPG of a 1999 Focus Ghia 2ltr, all driving on motorway? Would £50 get me 250ml or not?
  7. Dash Panel Computer

    The computer that gives MPG etc. How good and accurate is it?
  8. Spare Wheel

    Dezwez, Thanks but that is another financial blow to a pensioner, wondered why my spare seemed too big for it's carrier Blast.
  9. Spare Wheel

    Can anyone help? Ford focus Ghia 1999 do they have a normal size tyre or one of those "slim line" ones with which you are speed restricted?
  10. Heater Blower Speeds

    Sirs, your help, On my 1999 Focus my blower only works on speeds 1&2 nothing on 3or4, any ideas gentlemen?
  11. Abs & Traction Control

    Hi, I have just bought a 1999 Focus Giah, the ABS & Traction control lights remain ON at all times anyone any idea's please?
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums seaeaacr :)

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