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  1. Hello Can any one advise on the best way to replace this coil pack. Thanks so much
  2. Do you remove the air box or do u have to take all the fuel injecters stuff off the top of the engine, or do you access it from underneath, as cant seem to get to the coil pack to undo. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  3. what do i need to remove as its seems quite hard to get to hte unit. Thanks again
  4. Hi thanks for both ur replies. is the coil pack easy to replace. Thanks again helen
  5. i was driving home today and a horrible smell came into the car like a eggy burning smell. the car started running a bit lumpy, i noticed its lost some of its power, i know bit about cars but not much. I realised 1 of the spark plugs wasnt running in checking this ive noticed that there is no spark going to plug number 4 from lead. Early on in the day I replaced the screws in the back seat, as a couple where missing, the screws i replaced where probably 2 and half inches long, is it possible ive done any damage or puncutred anything whilst replacing the screws. the car has a 1300 fuel injected engine with a electronic ignition. Thanks
  6. hi I've done all this. How do i take the pump off, and do i have to take the wheel off Cheers
  7. Ive tried this and this doesnt happen. Any other steps, or what do you think is wrong with them Thanks again
  8. Hi Thanks for your reply, have done all of these but still doesnt work. What can I do next, and it seems the motor is still running. Thanks
  9. Hi On my fiesta the water jets arent working properly. When i press the button on the wiper stalk the motor runs and lets a squirt of water through, then the motor stills runs but n owater comes out, is it blocked or has the motot gone If i need to change the bottle how do i get to it as it seems to be in the wing thanks