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  1. Happy Birthday aldablue!

  2. Cambelt 32K Miles

    No Alex, no service manual. best to safe I think, I will get it booked in to be done, Thanks.
  3. Cambelt 32K Miles

    thanks Bowsa, even though it over 10 years old it should still be ok for another 30k?
  4. Hi All.

    Hi everyone, New to forums etc. Great site/forum. Hope u all have great day!
  5. Hi all, just bought a 2001 1.6 focus, it's only done 32k miles (genuine). Would it be sensible to have the cambelt changed? I've not drove it yet only to get it home. Or will it be ok for the time being due to low miles?
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums aldablue :)

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