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  1. I've rattling underneath the car it's the exhaust heat shield along parts of it the back 2 from what I can see, I reattached the rear one by moving exhaust heat shield across enough to hold it in place I thought that was it but today I've noticed another section that has done the same, I can't reach this part until I get the car over a pit I've seen that some people have removed the heat shield is this safe? it is worth bolting it back again? what size is the thread?
  2. A few days ago I noticed a clicking noise coming from inside the car around the pedal's area it's not effecting the performance but is really bugging me, Every time I let the clutch up just as the pedal nears the last inch of finishing the movement it clicks at first I thought it was the clutch spring but after looking again today I have found a switch/sensor with a part (arm) sticking out that the clutch pedal/leaver pushes against with fully let up so it must be telling the computer something I can see it is just like al the sensors/switches and just un-clips from it's wiring when you remove it. My question is has anybody done this before? and how easy is it? is there a order to doing as the clutch pedal needs depressing to do this
  3. Had the engine diagnostics check last night no fault codes showing, Was told it could be either the plugs,leads,MAF or coil went to Fords this morning to start with the lowest costing part (so I thought) and work my way up in costs but after chatting with the parts department they said it would be the coil pack which was also the cheaper part to replace, They said they don't keep leads in stock as they hardly ever need replacing so would be on order however they'd sold 4 coil packs already this year and normally sell 1-2 a month, The cost of the MAF sensor on my model was over £350 as it comes with the throttle housing and other bits?! So I changed the coil pack this morning and tested it out just now and all seems fine no misfiring under load whatsoever in any gear :-) Hopefully alls good as this is the first part I've had to replace (non service part) since having the car from new.
  4. My focus has started to stutter/misfire when I accelerate it only happens when in a low speed for the gear but normally the engine will handle it not a problem so for example 20mph in 3rd gear should be a problem accelerating up but the engine seems to stutter/misfire until the car is at a speed this problem is the same for all gears but 5th as the car speed is enough also fine in 1st again as the gearing is meant for that speed. can anyone advise please?
  5. PS Where did you get the diagrams from please?
  6. I see the diagram but it only shoes the top end I can do all that at the moment, I have removed pretty much everything that I can to gain access to the area but still I can't reach the end, There is a large ish triangle ish shaped metal plate that looks to be holding some things in place I'm not sure what its holding together but it seems to be in the way any ideas? I can't believe that this one part is so hard to reach and I'm really hoping that I don't need to go to the main dealer although I might have to just let my wallet take the hit. Any more diagrams or advice please
  7. Hi I need help installing a replacement heater select cable on my 2007 zetec focus 1.6 I have the cable I can remove the end nearest to the control panel but I can't see how to get to the other end can anyone please help?
  8. Hi I really need some help with this problem as my MOT is due next month, I need to replace the slide cable that controls the heat within the car the cable came off as the wire was kinked so after straightening the cable out and reconnecting to the heater select cog it still came off after a few turns of the heater dial so I used a small zip tie to hold it in place but after a few weeks the cable has kinked even more so I need to replace the cable, I know how to remove nearly everything but the one problem I'm having is the end of the cable that attaches somewhere else inside the dash unit, I can't see or get to that area it looks like I might need to remove the whole dash unit! surely this can't be???? Please please someone help. PS I've seen video's on other bit related to this area but nothing at the other end of the cable/cables. 2007 Ford Focus Zetec 1.6
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