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  1. Faulty Injector Broke My Engine

    Hello I own a Fusion 1600TDCI which I bought at 6 months old in November 2010. I have always had it serviced by Ford. The mileage on it was at 24124 when an injector failed which caused a hydraulic action in the cylinder which bent a con rod. This resulted in it needing a new engine. The car was 3 months out of warranty. I took it to my local dealers and they said that a problem like this should not happen on a engine of that age and mileage. The repair would cost £4600. I said I would be looking for a lot of goodwill from themselves and Ford. I waited for 3 weeks for Ford to make a decision. They finally said they would pay half of the parts cost. This still left a bill of £2400. When I asked if they couldn't do any better they refused, saying due to the age of the car they thought it was a fair offer. I have had the car repaired, the final bill was £2398.31. I begrudge having to pay this. Has anybody else had a problem like this.
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      Thanks! The reason I came on here was for some help regarding a recent problem with my car. Where should I go to on the site please?