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  1. Which minor mods?

    So I guess you're one of the lucky ones - it's really a hit or miss. Which ones do you have? Link?
  2. Things I Don't Like

    Ahh ok, misinterpreted your original post, just me being a thicko :)
  3. Which minor mods?

    Don't bother with LED sidelights IMO, they all start flickering after a while, and are a pain to replace. LED interior lights are worth doing though, as they're much easier to replace, and they seem to last much longer.
  4. Things I Don't Like

    Wouldn't vacuuming wet stuff with a Henry destroy it? Probably a dumb question...
  5. Considering a MK3 Focus (First Ford)

    wet clutch version is "ok" from what i've heard. wouldn't touch a dry clutch.
  6. morning dew on side windows...!

    Or buy a small squeegee and wipe your windows with that. Which is what I did. Except the dew comes back 30 seconds later again as soon as you start moving. 
  7. Things I Don't Like

    Also have to agree about parking the Focus, it's not "hard", but large 4x4's are pretty easy to park (tall commanding view + parking sensors makes it really easy). I stick my head out of the drivers door to check how close I am to lines at the front etc, and when reversing I open the driver's door and look back. Anyway - things I don't like: getting ill (so far just a fever but likely to develop). Looks like more sick days off work, and this week at work is kinda important. 
  8. welcome back

    Don't think so, just saw a Transit that oddly resembles a Mustang, on sale for £39k. :) EDIT: Also not sure if I'm the only one, but personally I preferred the old UI.
  9. Ford Mustang 2016 Model.

    I'm longing for the V8, but I'm too tight to pay for the fuel lol. Don't want to get 12 MPG around town. :) Either way, both are a pipe dream at the moment. Going to keep working hard, and hope for a promotion lol.
  10. Bad Seats? Focus 2014

    You could always email the dealer principal, explaining the attitude of his/her salesperson, and they would have some explaining to do. :)
  11. Ford Mustang 2016 Model.

    Oh how I wish I had £33,385, this is exactly as how I would get it. Maybe I should get into touch with that Nigerian prince that promised me a million pounds last week, he seemed very genuine. ;)
  12. Yeah some of the cheap rubbish cameras will look the same in 720p and 1080p mode. The Mobius used to be the best budget dashcam, I have one and the 1080p mode is very clear. You can also get a wide-angle lens version. Don't know if there are better options out there nowadays.
  13. Not surprised. I wish for your sake you had a 1080p dashcam, makes a world of difference, you would have had the reg then. If I were you, I would just report the reg you believe (to the best of your knowledge) is correct, to the cops. If it really is the guy, he'll probably confess under pressure, and job will be done.
  14. R.i.p David Bowie

    RIP. Another good song:
  15. Sorry I Have Been So Inactive

    Happy new year and congrats on the new job :)