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  1. I got an email from them earlier saying they raised their savings interest rates. Checking their site, it seems it increased from 0.85% to 1.00%. Has anyone else opened an account with them yet? Any experiences?
  2. Only having one more day of work till the long weekend!
  3. For sensible drivers who keep their cars in tip-top condition (i.e. replacing tyres before even getting close to the legal limit, undertaking preventative maintenance, knowing when something is wrong etc.), an MOT isn't that crucial IMO. But for the majority who do the bare minimum to keep their cars on the road, who drive around on nearly bald tyres, than yes MOT helps keep the roads safe for other road users. All in all I'd agree with you.
  4. Looks nice mate
  5. Aye the cold blast you're having up north is currently on it's way down south :( Min/Max temps of 0/11C on Wed, Autumn is back!!
  6. I assume you have a dashcam to capture these kinds of events? I don't like being sick off work today :( I think it was something I ate yesterday (looking at you Nandos!!)
  7. Makes sense, but when the mirrors folded, the windows didn't go back up? Surely if it was locking, they would go up? Strange...
  8. Well seeing you've already convinced me not to go for IS300H, I'll ask you another one Mister wise man... Any reason not to go for a Merc C180 (facelift W204)?
  9. KIT? Am I getting old? lol Hmm, I guess that's the most sensible/likely option
  10. I'd expect the Audi A3 to be more refined than the Fiesta (especially in terms of road noise), though I could be wrong, this is only my best guess! I drive a heavy Focus with a 99PS engine, and even in that it's adequate, so it must do great in the Fiesta. That said, life is short, so if getting an ST makes you happy, then go for it ;) At the end of the day, cars are not investments, so go for something that makes you happy, so long as you won't break the bank in doing so. My advice is to test-drive at least a few different petrol vehicles you're interested in, and see how they feel. Often one has a perception of a car being super-amazing in their head, but sometimes the moment you have the test-drive, you realize that it's actually mediocre lol.
  11. So leaving work today, head to the car park to my car, to find a blue new-shape Mondeo Estate parked next to me. Except it's got all four windows fully down. With the owner nowhere to be seen. As I go right next to it, to open my own door, the mirrors on it suddenly fold. I assume these things can be remotely controlled via a smartphone app or something, and the owner was obsessively "guarding" his precious car from afar or something? Or were the electronics on it simply screwfed, and it was doing things of it's own? Some insight would be appreciated!!
  12. Whichever car you go for, go for a petrol - the government will be clamping down sooner or later on diesel cars, plus far less likely to go wrong. The 1.0 EcoBoost will be nothing like your previous 1.25, take a test drive to see for yourself.
  13. Lol this thread is like 2 years old mate ;) Since my last post in this thread, I've replaced the stock Ford 6000CD head-unit with an Android colour touch-screen head unit - I no longer have any whine. What I can suggest is that you turn UP the audio source volume (i.e. your phone's music volume) to near maximum, and then you can turn DOWN your head-unit volume, whilst still having the same amount of volume. This often helps reduce noise in most situations.
  14. Edit: nevermind!