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  1. Join the club Jamie. Had a fever last night (>38C), and feeling very drowsy/weak - I don't know what I even have tbh. Spent most of the weekend lying down doing nothing, feels like such a waste. Being healthy/well is sooo underrated! Lol.
  2. No problem, below is an old picture I took immediately after installation, in case you're interested. (Sorry for the slight blur, I had a crappier phone back then.)
  3. I didn't bother with the DAB to be honest. I only really listen to music by plugging in my SD card to it, which has the majority of my MP3 library. Yes, I use my phone as a hotspot - the built in WiFi is pretty good - it autoconnects as soon as I toggle my WiFi hotspot on my LG G4, and never has dropped signal. EDIT: For pretty much any head-unit you'll need an external DAB antenna, which will presumably involve running wires down the A-pillar, but I'm sure you already know this.
  4. Speaking of puddles... I didn't enjoy last nights storm - kept me awake, and felt like a zombie at work today. Choosing to not work from home was also a big mistake - usual 40 minute journey doubled to 1hr20 mins. Insane traffic - even switched off the engine at one point. The car said I used > 40 miles worth of petrol for a 17 mile journey. Thought that the journey home would be better, but alas no. The A3095 was cordoned off by police (presumably due to flooding), and the whole area was a grid-lock, with most drivers not knowing what to do. Luckily Waze got me out of there pronto (and took me down some back roads and residential streets), but still added a good 20 mins to the journey time. @GMX - was Brandy able to sleep last night?
  5. May I suggest the below? I have the older version of that head unit (android 4.4 instead of 5.1) bought from the same seller (for 269 quid back in summer 15). Excellent head unit, and has served me perfectly well until now. Made my car 100x more enjoyable to drive. No major issues, and seller is very helpful. The audio quality is also noticeably better than the stock Ford head unit. Also, my version is reasonably fast (has a dual core processor), but the one in the link below has a quad processor, so will be even faster. GPS signal has been rock solid, never loses signal randomly. And it looks 100x better than the aftermarket Pioneer/Sony/whatever units - fits in very neatly and subtly into the dash. A lot of people who've I've chauffeured around thought it was stock (apart from the more techy people obv).I've installed Skype, Waze, and other Android apps onto it - you can even install things like Spotify if you want. Any questions, just shout :)
  6. I know right! Was in a Morrisons car park recently, and despite taking the turn very widely still failed the mission. Next time I will take it even wider (I will turn like a bus lol) and occupy the oncoming lane too.
  7. Mondeo. Faster & more fun. And less likely to cause troubles.
  8. nice car ben :)
  9. And yet Ford still insists on putting this prehistoric drum-brake crap on the new Focus.
  10. I think Sainsbury's Nectar scheme might be more generous in terms of points. But if you only want to use Shell's high-octane fuel in your car (i.e if you have a performance car - not a bog standard NA, or low-displacement turbo car!), then I guess it's worth it!
  11. Sorry to hear Ghana :( RIP. Don't worry, Bunty is off to a better place now.
  12. Nothing as good as getting juuuuuust the right amount of sleep :)
  13. no need to apologize bud :)
  14. I said that quote, not Ken. But my point was actually completely the opposite. A Fiesta WILL be more reliable than Vauxhall, Fiat, and any other second-hand german marque at that price-point. Obviously a second hand BMW might be more fun than the Fiesta, but the servicing and maintenance/repair costs can be scary.
  15. Yeah but the novelty of owning a more fun but less reliable car will wear off even quicker