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  1. Wow, do you work at a utility co. jamie? We tried turning some stuff on and off, and monitoring the usage. Even left the heating off for a whole day, just to see what happens. Turns out the draw is almost exclusively thanks to the central heating. Google reveals that wet electric central heating systems (that use electric boilers) are the WORST (most expensive) out of anything else there is. I've suggested to dad to cancel the central heating, and just to use 2 electric cheap radiators, as surely that will be far cheaper to run (which is what I did in my previous own flat, and only paid 55/month in electricity, despite running electric radiators for a minimum of 6 hours a day). Going by bills, approx 1250kwh/month.
  2. Wow, wasn't expecting so many replies, thanks a lot guys, this is why this so forum is so amazing, everyone is so helpful to each other No tumble dryer. The boiler cupboard looks more complicated than the engine bay of my Focus. Pipes and wires going everywhere. It seems like there are two separate water heaters: (1) An electric instantaneous boiler rated at 9kW, one that looks like this: It seems to feed water into a big black plastic tank. (2) An electric immersion heater, with its own separate green tank. This is currently (and always has been) switched OFF. Dad moved in as the tenant around three months ago Jamie, and all readings have been high. Interestingly, I found out from the electricity company (NPower) that when the flat was unoccupied before my dad moved in, approx 70kwh was used in a 16 day period, which seems somewhat excessive? The kitchen was refurbed by the landlord during this time, and flat cleaned, but surely even this couldn't account for such high usage? Or am I wrong... I will definitely get NPower to test the meter. That thought has occurred to me already, but how likely is it? Pretty much a standard tenancy contract. As far as my research has revealed - there is nothing concrete that mentions liability regarding excessive power consumption caused by fittings/fixtures (appliances) that are part of a tenanted property. Will definitely use fire hazard as a bargaining chip. In my previous rental property (a 1 bedroom flat with nearly ZERO insulation) - it was all electric heating (no gas) - just convector heaters in every room. Despite running them non-stop whenever I was in the house, my bills were only 50-55 a month. My dad's flat has central heating - with radiators in each room, where water is heated by an electric boiler. Surely this should be slightly more efficient than just convector heaters? The flat my dad lives in was apparently built in 2004, so it has noticeably better insulation too. Yep, all bills are based off actual readings. I believe it is single rate - NPower have offered to replace the current meter (dated 2004) with a dual tariff meter.
  3. I don't like not knowing the cause to my dad's 200-250 quid monthly electricity bills for the past two months... Any suggestions, apart from the obvious one of double checking meter readings are correct? At this point, I am beginning to lean more and more towards hiring a qualified electrician to try and pinpoint the cause of the excess draw (by tapping into the fusebox, and checking current draw for each circuit by switching circuits on & off till the faulty one is found). If an appliance supplied by my dad's landlord is found to be faulty (e.g. hot water boiler) and the cause of the excessive draw, where would I stand legally?
  4. Yup, my bad!! You're completely correct. I was very tired yesterday, wasn't thinking clearly lol. Did you try and see if there's such transmitters on amazon?
  5. Yeah the revs aren't super low, but far better than other cars such as the Mk7 Fiesta with the 5-speed manual box which apparently revs at 3500 RPM at 70 mph! Now that must be annoying!!
  6. Is this even legal? If not, perhaps the mods should delete this thread.
  7. A2DP is a bluetooth standard (or rather profile), used to stream stereo audio between two devices. If it hasn't got it, chances are that you're out of luck with trying to pair it with bluetooth headphones. However it's not the end of the world - you can buy a device like the one below to solve your problems - I bought one for my slightly outdated amplifier that doesn't have bluetooth built in, and it's great.
  8. 80% of my motorway journeys are cruising at a sedate 65 MPH in the left hand lane - it really helps with the economy (gets me 46 - 47MPG), and the engine stays at around 2500 RPM (as opposed to 2800-2900RPM at 70 MPH) with the gearing ratios of my auto. Only if I need to make pace, I lock on at 70 or 75 MPH (indicated, so not speeding!)
  9. did you design the fusebox ian? that why you defending it? crap design!
  10. Thank god it's not just me then! My knuckles were a right mess too.
  11. I do like also going for a nice weekend tour (Berkshire to Surrey, Surrey to London, London to Berkshire) in the Focus, with my improved dashcam setup complete (dashcam still the same, but now wiring changed to use ignition switched feed from fusebox). I got everything installed, couldn't put the ***** fusebox back into it's place (screws wouldn't align)! Mk2 Focus has the most annoying, fiddly fusebox design!!! Either that or I am inept lol. So I ended up cheating a bit - got my local friendly kwikfit guy to put it back together for me (took him all of 2 minutes, whereas I fumbled with the ***** thing for 20-30 mins lol).
  12. Plus, better to put mileage on a lower value car like your current one, since there's not much depreciation to be had left. If only I was a contractor lol, I wouldn't give a hoot about MPG, and could stop driving like a granny.
  13. True, cars in general are quite expensive to run and maintain, but to hell with all the pounds spent as each penny was worth it - you can't put a price on freedom! EDIT: And to all you old farts showing off about how low your insurance is, I'd rather pay a couple more hundred a year and be young!
  14. Happy new year fellow FOC-cers! Wishing all another enjoyable & safe year of motoring!
  15. Things I don't like - going out on my first drive after cleaning the car's windows (from the inside), only to discover that half of the windscreen turned out dirtier than before my cleaning efforts!! Smudge marks and water droplet stains ahoy! Anyone have any window cleaning tips for an utter n00b?