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  1. Few Commodores on Autotrader. Most imported ones are of the V8-engined variety. Loud and fast. That said, they are rubbish compared to the Ford equivalent (Ford Falcon). (For the brits who aren't aware, Ford vs. Holden rivalry much stronger than Ford/Vauxhall rivalry here in blighty)
  2. Pretty neat eh?
  3. No garage, no tools, nigh impossible! Wouldn't trust myself anyway, only minor mods/maintenance for me. (Even if I were to, it would be on a 200 pound car from 1998, not a Focus worth around 4 grand - too much money at stake if something goes wrong.) At least after 4 years of parking a few blocks away on the street, I'll finally be getting an allocated parking space (moving).
  4. Thanks for the input mate, always appreciated :) I test drove one on the weekend, a 13 plate. Good points: Ride quality is 100x better - completely ironed out the pothole-ridden road I take to work - smooth as silk, and not much body roll either. Road noise was BMW 3-series rivalling, and the engine noise was almost non-existent at < 3000 RPM. I was honestly surprised. High quality interior - plenty of standard equipment, miles better quality than Mk2.5 Focus interior. Claimed MPG of above 57 with a 1.8 N/A (140PS) petrol lump. Bad points: Ugly rear. Overall admit that not as nice looking as even Focus Mk2.5. Steering was completely numb, and devoid of any feedback whatsoever (especially apparent to a Mk2/Mk2.5 Focus owner) Most car reviewers tend to give the Focus far better rating than any competitor in it's class, and that's mainly for the undoubtedly unrivaled driving experience and feel that it gives. However, in the long-run, things start going wrong - even the minor niggles are annoying - de-laminating headlamps, seat trim falling off, discoloring turn signals/brake lights etc (all of which I have, plus a few more I probably forgot). My family had a 2002 CR-V - in the 8 years of ownership (since new), the only thing that ever went wrong was the Auto Transmission Control Unit failing, which was an inexpensive fault to replace. The day it was sold, all interior and exterior wise looked mint. I don't know if Honda's are less well-built these days however. This is why I am beginning to consider other makes for my next car. Focus served me amazingly well as a first car (and will be sad to see it go), but perhaps it's time to move on...
  5. Guess I spoke too soon. Ford dealer said power steering system is leaking (at the bit where the high pressure pipe connects to the pump) - £330 to repair. It's only a minor leak for now, but still best to get it done - the reservoir fluid level has dropped down to midway between MIN and MAX (over the course of a year). And there is also a slight vibration at 70 MPH (car tracks straight if you let the steering wheel go, might be a worn CV joint), which will also cost to get fixed. And finally the timing belt replacement due within the next 12 months. Even if I get all the above fixed, I somehow have the feeling that something else will eventually pop up - worried that it will turn into a money pit. So I've been eyeing used Civic's this weekend. Any opinions?
  6. Things I don't like - waking up in the morning and walking to my car, where I usually park on the street (in resident permit council bays), and finding my wing-mirror smashed. (Note: above picture of the car is not where it was parked - I pulled over to inspect the damage, as I noticed it only after I drove off.) Thing is - I don't know if it was some idiot who doesn't know how to drive (and mis-judged distance between their car and mine whilst driving down the street), or whether it was an act of vandalism (in which case wouldn't be surprised - since I've found my windshield wiper lifted up into the air before). &#33;Removed&#33; hell!
  7. hobby

    That was better than reading a car magazine! Good job on the post, and on the mods!
  8. You poor souls presumably haven't tried Tim Tams. Better than all this junk.
  9. See the deal below If you split your petrol purchase (assuming full tank 50 quid) into 10 quid amounts, you will pay 5 quid less.
  10. It's so hard to time promotions sometimes eh. Filled up with fuel on Sunday, only to learn that Sainsbury's is having a fuel promotion (where I can save 5 quid for a tank) this weekend. No chance of using even a quarter of it by then - had I known, I would have kept the tank empty till then!
  11. Guildford --> Dorking Town (via A25) --> Box Hill --> Leith Hill --> Guildford Was a bit rushed towards the end as I had other obligations, but will re-do it sometime, and hopefully climb the tower. Supposed to be the second highest hill in SE England. Weather was nice and sunny, lots of cyclists on the road, but little traffic. And surprisingly didn't encounter a single stupid driver the whole journey!
  12. I do like going on a nice 50 mile run in the Focus this morning, around the Surrey hills. Weather was very mild too today! Only bit I didn't like was achieving only 38 MPG, despite trying to drive very economically.
  13. 440 quid?? Jesus! I thought it would be around 300. In that case, and since a few people have said I can hold off for another year, I may just as well do that. Apart from the slightly high fuel consumption, and a non-working rear door speaker, it is completely faultless, and a joy to drive. So I'll probably end up hanging on to it for a while longer anyway. Thanks for the advice everyone!
  14. Quack quack! Car is petrol, approaching 31,000 miles. (Actually might sell it in around 12 months time if that matters, but that's a big "might".)