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  1. Oops. Still not as "guilty" as the people posting model-specific issues with their car into the general chat section
  2. Things I don't like - nearly crashing into a stupid Kuga driver, who pulled out in front of me, totally ignoring the concept of a roundabout!! If I hadn't sharply braked, both our cars would have been write-offs, the quality of driving at round ere seems to get worse and worse every day!!
  3. around 1 in 20 drivers around here don't seem to know either
  4. Congrats mate! :)
  5. Yes, I know I'm quoting myself, but just an update on this thread, in case anyone is interested in the outcome. In the end I decided not to spend loads of dosh on upgrading to a Civic, and to keep my car for a minimum 6 months more (though most likely it will be around 12 months or longer), but get the power steering fixed at the cost quoted above. The vibration issue was fixed for only 27 quid at Kwik Fit, wheels needed rebalancing - smooth as silk at 70MPH now.
  6. That said I think the wet-clutch (diesel) ones are infinitely better than the dry-clutch (petrol) ones, so you should probably be alright. I love the new shape too, but it will be another minimum three years before they come down in price enough... That said the old shape ain't bad looking, provided you don't go for one of the earlier base models, with steelies (no alloys)!
  7. Agree 100%!!! At the end of the day the main reason people tend to drive diesels is for the better fuel economy. However if a turbo petrol engine like the ecoboost can achieve more power, cost less to maintain/service, be more reliable (not having to worry about DPFs, or however many short journeys etc), and be much quieter (yet sound better when you give it the beans!), all whilst achieving around 80-90% of the economy of a diesel, I personally don't see any reason to switch to diesel.
  8. Auto would definitely suit the Mondeo - just try to get one of the non-DSG ones (I think they exist right?) if possible, the traditional torque converter is way more reliable/bulletproof. Everyone seems to be upgrading to a Mondeo these days! Starting to become slightly jealous lol.
  9. You got me all excited there for a moment - I guess I'll have to manually keep checking whether bulbs work lol
  10. Likewise - I wish I knew too - then I would have gotten the 2.0 version of my car. But that said, the tax on it is eye-watering!
  11. Don't know I'm afraid mate, as I haven't been eyeing up Mondeos of that particular vintage for a long time. I was considering upgrading to a 13 plate Civic, but decided against it, and to keep my car for at least another 6 months (though it will more likely be around 12 months), as I might need the cash for a rainy day. But 43k miles is pretty decent if you ask me - I tend to avoid anything with more than 40k miles. Being a Tit X it should also be loaded with goodies.
  12. Nice colour, I have the same. But I do prefer your alloys to mine lol
  13. Having the same engine as you, I got 41 MPG sticking at 70 MPH (with a few right hand lane overtaking bursts mixed in) on a 200 mile trip this weekend. But my tyres were deflated (thanks Ford service dept!!) at only 29 PSI. Brought them back up to 33 PSI, once I found out after the trip
  14. Biggest shock to me was seeing the Kia Sportage on that list. What an ugly shed!
  15. From your profile, I can see that you drive a Mk2.5 Focus? I wasn't aware that our cars had bulb blowout warnings?! If so, that's handy!!