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  1. Indeed it is a looker Driving dynamics are also excellent, the steering feedback is great, and so is a joy to drive on bendy roads. It's not as refined and "grown up" like a Mk3.5, but more "raw".
  2. Very nice looking car
  3. Agree, and even the most mechanically minded car-person has no hope in hell of ever finding out about something like that!
  4. If only one of my friends had a dog! None of them do I can't have one either (unless it's a tiny one like a poodle), as having always lived in small flats with no outdoor space, that's hell for a dog! Plus, vast majority of landlords don't allow pets.
  5. Mine does 2800-2900 RPM @ 70 MPH. 3000 RPM @ 75 MPH
  6. Thankfully not much. Though somehow it apparently managed to cover my car in dirty water droplets from a nearby construction site where I park at work, which is a good 50-75 meters away! Local BP stations advertising banner flew off and started running away. The worst is at home - the rubber door seals are old, and don't create a perfect seal. So constant and loud whistling noise all day, all night. Not to mention losing lots of heat.
  7. You're welcome mate, glad to help other members where I can 👍
  8. Are you sure it's a power steering leak that caused your leak mate? No point in going around replacing problems if it's not the root cause of your problem. P.S: Your profile says you have a 2009 model (facelift - Mk2.5) car, but the part you linked to is for the non-facelift (Mk2) model. Isn't the one below for your car correct? For reference, the parts that were replaced on mine were: (1) F1747039 (for automatic models only) (2) F4747355 (the union nut) EDIT: Also, I'd recommend ordering any parts from your local dealer's parts department if you want to save a bit of money - mine were cheaper than on the site you linked.
  9. If I am seeing this correctly your "leak" appears to be right next to the timing belt pulley, and not near where the PAS pump union is, if I remember my engine bay correctly? So PAS leak might not actually be the problem here... Hopefully someone else will come along and provide some further insight...
  10. I only just saw this and read it from the beginning now. But good move rejecting the car - sounds like you got a total lemon that I would have no faith whatsoever being properly fixed as lemons will stay lemons forever! Good luck! Perhaps a Toyota/Honda next? :)
  11. Chances are it has dripped/leaked at one point, and somewhat dried/evaporated - and the gritty stuff is just normal dust/dirt particles that have mixed in with it as air flows around your engine bay. However, your power steering leak is probably intermittent and/or extremely minor. Probably drips under extreme conditions - e.g. performing a full lock whilst stationary. My car (same model/year) as yours also had a similar wet patch in the same area - on a previous MOT it got an advisory "Power steering pipe(s) or hose(s) has slight seepage from a joint (2.3.3b)". The Mk2.5 Focus has a known issue with the pipe leading from the high pressure pump developing a minor leak - it is alleged that the new hose and seal kit from Ford has fixed this design flaw. I had mine fitted for 335 (parts, labour, VAT inclusive).
  12. But I hate scratches!!! At the least insurance would have paid out if the lorry had run into me No, you're right lol.
  13. Indeed, I got some on mine when I drove round a corner, and saw a lorry heading straight towards me and had to swerve a little into the bushes.
  14. Went to Swindon - which a lot don't regard as the nicest of places, but it was OK I think. Nearly all of my mates are away (on hols/visiting family), so I ended up going alone, but it was still definitely worth it. Yes deffo feeling better thanks bud, I'm now trying to go out a lot more, and not worry so much about saving etc, your advice was a good wakeup call. Plus you can't take the money with you when you die
  15. I like going on a 60 mile journey in my Focus to a new town I haven't been to before. Filled up on the way home at Asda (which I don't have near me), at 116.7p/L! Where I live Sainsburys charges 122.9p/L! I managed to average 44MPG.