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  1. I saw a young guy get into a newish (around12 plate?) Corsa the other day, thing is he was carrying a large bag full of sharp Hugo Boss clothing he'd bought (or stolen?), but the bag must have been worth more than the car lol.
  2. Yup, loads of people missing from work these days, the office is quieter than usual.
  3. Things I don't like: * Returning from holiday with a travel bug / some kind of gastro * Finding two gigantic mountain sized blobs of bird poo on my car after work - took AGES to clean! Thank god it's the weekend.
  4. I also have a large 'bald patch' of paint on my roof - where the paint is down to the base coat or something, looks horrible. So yes, I have the same problem.
  5. Remember to declare it to your insurance company though!
  6. That's a shame mate, nearly everyone does 80 anyway these days, instead they should focus catching those people doing ridiculous speeds. Yesterday on the M3, an older generation BMW 6 series absolutely flew past in the right hand lane, engine redlining judging from the sound. He must have been AT LEAST doing 100 MPH. Once he was a few meters past me, something disintegrated in his engine bay, and landed on the motorway. Looked like his engine undertray, but wasn't too sure. *****
  7. Haha oops! That I can believe!
  8. The Mk1 handles better than Mk2 in the wind? How come? :O It's weather like this I regret having a black car, the exact moment the A/C turns off in the car, it turns into an oven. Stupid insurance company didn't allow me to tint windows either.
  9. But that's absolute *****... Statistically that's true most of the time, but there was nothing you did there in the remotest way that would suggest that? If a chav Corsa driver was speeding all the time, then statistically he's probably more likely to be involved in a crash, even if the crash isn't his fault. The video proves that you were driving in an ordinary, and completely safe, risk-free manner. From the footage, statistically, you are NOT more likely to crash. The insurance companies are just applying a blanket rule - one size fits all approach, because it suits them! /end rant
  10. This is utter *****, in situations like these where it's bleedin obvious that the driver who got hit didn't contribute to the cause of the crash in the slightest possible way, their premium shouldn't nudge. The whole system needs a serious shake-up. Good on you for shopping around though.
  11. I do like the awesome weather this weekend, and covering over 130 miles in the old girl without a hitch!
  12. Where is that? Some where on the south west coast?
  13. Really? I personally like it, think it looks cool :)
  14. Agree 100%. Shaving is such a waste of time. I also don't like calling up my local dealer's parts department, only to get the guy who answered the phone to tell me in a gruff voice to hold on a moment. That moment turned into me waiting for two minutes, with lots of random background chatter with people working next to him. Of course I didn't feel like waiting for an eternity, so I hung up on him. Ford's customer service is really god awful, they remind me of easyJet.
  15. Out of curiosity I checked the car you returned @GaryPL , and it's showing as 'untaxed'. Does that mean that Ford haven't yet sold it to another customer? BTW, the long letter you sent to them was brilliant.