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  1. Weak Windscreen Washers

    If I could wouldn't I be driving a much newer car? My weak jetwash stream has been like that for what 2-3 years now, doubt it would fail an MOT. But good on you for sorting yours out!
  2. Weak Windscreen Washers

    Looks much better but I predicted by the sound of the other thread that it would be an extremely fiddly and risky job, so not sure I'll bother lol.
  3. Weak Windscreen Washers

    Ok here's a thread describing the steps: In another thread, Lenny suggested putting vinegar through the system to flush out the sludge causing blockages, not sure if this will be as effective as removing and cleaning the filter, but it's a damn sight easier probably. I'll probably just try to live with it, having to remove a ***** wheel just to clean a washer filter is ludicrous, why couldn't Ford come up with some more common-sense designs.
  4. Weak Windscreen Washers

    Do the xenons on yours light up the road better than the standard halogens? I'm guessing the answer is yes, but even with the standard halogens on this car, it lights up the road far better than most other cars. So in order to access the pump, or filter (above the driver's side wheel?) what are the exact steps? My flow is also pretty weak, similar to yours. In the meantime, I'll do a quick google search to see whether anybody's already described it.
  5. One Of Stoney's Colleagues?

    Should have immediately checked whether there was a wifi network nearby named 'FBI Surveillance Van'
  6. One Of Stoney's Colleagues?

    Haha, totally agree with the second part. Who would have thought there's a guy out there, that wanted to buy a run of the mill civilian car (especially a boring Passat), with the intention of making it look like a police car? Facepalm!
  7. Things I Do Like

    Next time you go snap a pic if you can, that is fascinating Sadly no pussys at my KFC, or any of the ones I've frequented in the past!
  8. Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

    Here's one!
  9. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    Oi that's unfair! Need a proper comparison - something like a 1.5 180PS EcoBoost petrol, not a lawn mower engine :)
  10. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    Pffft diesels. The sooner they are extinct the better
  11. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    Pretty sure they don't redline engines during MOTs? Where did you get that from? When checking exhaust/emissions, they do take two sets of readings AFAIK - one at idle, and the other under load, but under load is something around 3000 rpm. Nowhere near redline. If your engine is in good condition, oil is replaced regularly, and engine is properly warmed up, redlining it every now and then is OK. 5000 RPM is definitely OK. From my own personal experience, you never need to go above 4000 - 4500 RPM with this engine during normal driving, beyond that range you don't get much extra poke anyway, as max torque is near 4000 RPM anyway. The only time you ever might need to redline it is when you're overtaking on country roads, as the quicker you overtake, the less dangerous it usually is. Every little helps here. Here is the torque curve & BHP curve for the 1.6 petrols:
  12. Things I Do Like

    I do like getting yet another 5 pounds off my last KFC purchase. I say 'yet' because the first time I used the offer was 'genuine' - the two times after that seem to be thanks to an error with their IT systems. I told the guy at the counter that I'd already redeemed the offer twice, and he just shrugged and said I should use it again Anybody on the forum wants free KFC and lives near me? lol!!
  13. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    Your profile says you drive a Mk2 Focus - 1.6 petrol. Only 100 PS in a somewhat large car, you obviously ain't gonna set any land speed records lol But I get what you mean - nowadays most small turbo petrol engines have higher power than the non-turbo equivalents a few years back, even if their displacement is smaller. That's why lots of tiny hatchbacks (e.g. Polo 1.2 TSI) could easily pass me or you if they wanted to. There's still no replacement for driver skill though
  14. Plug In Heater Recommendations

    Oops, one of them is from Argos, the other is from Amazon, just remembered. The Amazon one is 1500W, and is oil filled: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B016BZWPSM/ref=abs_brd_tag_dp?smid=A1AFJESMA8SCN6 The argos one is a simple 2000w convection heater (i call it a toaster lol), bought it from Argos. http://www.argos.co.uk/product/7254220 If you live in a tiny studio, and that is all you need to heat up, 1500W should be sufficient, unless you have pretty bad insulation (or lack thereof) in your flat (e.g. EPC rating D/E or lower). Might be better to be on the safe side and buy a 2000W model, you can always run it at a lower setting.
  15. Plug In Heater Recommendations

    Even the cheap ones at Argos work and do what it says on the tin. The heating in my flat is also mediocre, so been using two Argos electric heaters for most of the time, cheaper to run too. As you said, avoid buying a model equipped with a fan, they are noisy and annoying, and don't really heat up a room much quicker than one without a fan.