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  1. Which is the best petrol

    I have a 1.6 petrol N/A engine. I find that none of the premium fuels (above 95 RON) give me greater power, or MPG (or at least not to a noticeable extent). The only thing that does change is that the engine seems slightly quieter and smoother when under load, and is quieter during idle as well.
  2. How Low can you go

    Agree with this, looks a bit chavvy IMO
  3. Am I weird because I like...?

    I think I prefer the front AND rear of the Mk3 to the Mk3.5. Don't know why, but the Mk3's looks seem to have aged well It also looks bigger than the Mk3.5. For me it goes Mk3 > Mk2.5 > Mk3.5. On a slightly more random note, I've always thought of how cool it would be if Ford were to offer a new Mk2.5 but with new engines (EcoBoost), better refinement (more comfortable and quieter ride), and tech (start/stop, driver aids, etc.).
  4. Things I Don't Like

    My bad mate, I was pretty tired yesterday, I'm completely with you now.
  5. Things I Don't Like

    Fair enough mate, of course anyone is welcome to disagree with me, we are lucky enough to live in a tolerant and free country, with freedom of speech. However if anything, I genuinely believe those people unjustifiably dishing out such extreme labels are actually the ones causing offense. Anyway, in order to keep matters civil on this forum, perhaps best to move onto other topics.
  6. Things I Don't Like

    Not sure if people count as a 'thing', but I'll say nonetheless: People who don't have an ounce of a sense of humour, and take everything seriously. Life is way too short for that! Nowadays, you have to tread on your toes, otherwise the humour police will arrive in full force and start throwing labels at you - 'homophobe', 'misogynist', 'sexist', etc.
  7. Things I Do Like

    Precisely. I was shocked to find out that it costs slightly less to get insured on a 240PS nearly new Mondeo, compared to my 8 year old slow (100PS) Focus. It'll be at least another 9 months until I can buy it though :(
  8. Things I Do Like

    Yep, they're (Ford) seem pretty keen to really shift as many of these cars as possible, even more so with the new scrappage scheme.
  9. Rest In Peace Mindel Mondeo

    Wow, very unlucky!! Get better soon James, at least it was a relatively minor prang, always could be much worse. As you said probably best to move onto another vehicle, it will probably be written off due to it's value anyway as you said.
  10. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like my dealer fitting a non-matching headlamp (driver's side), despite promising that it would exactly match the black unit on the other side - muppets!!
  11. Things I Don't Like

    Wow, that's quite a 'young' car to be crushed, no? Maybe it's got the troublesome 1.6 TDCI, and it's high mileage, and thus not financially viable to maintain it? EDIT: This will probably become more common with Ford's new scrappage scheme.
  12. Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

    I saw a young guy get into a newish (around12 plate?) Corsa the other day, thing is he was carrying a large bag full of sharp Hugo Boss clothing he'd bought (or stolen?), but the bag must have been worth more than the car lol.
  13. Is It Just Me Or Is It A Bit.....

    Yup, loads of people missing from work these days, the office is quieter than usual.
  14. Things I Don't Like

    Things I don't like: * Returning from holiday with a travel bug / some kind of gastro * Finding two gigantic mountain sized blobs of bird poo on my car after work - took AGES to clean! Thank god it's the weekend.
  15. Mk 2.5 roof paint problems.

    I also have a large 'bald patch' of paint on my roof - where the paint is down to the base coat or something, looks horrible. So yes, I have the same problem.