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  1. You're welcome mate, glad to help other members where I can 👍
  2. Are you sure it's a power steering leak that caused your leak mate? No point in going around replacing problems if it's not the root cause of your problem. P.S: Your profile says you have a 2009 model (facelift - Mk2.5) car, but the part you linked to is for the non-facelift (Mk2) model. Isn't the one below for your car correct? For reference, the parts that were replaced on mine were: (1) F1747039 (for automatic models only) (2) F4747355 (the union nut) EDIT: Also, I'd recommend ordering any parts from your local dealer's parts department if you want to save a bit of money - mine were cheaper than on the site you linked.
  3. If I am seeing this correctly your "leak" appears to be right next to the timing belt pulley, and not near where the PAS pump union is, if I remember my engine bay correctly? So PAS leak might not actually be the problem here... Hopefully someone else will come along and provide some further insight...
  4. I only just saw this and read it from the beginning now. But good move rejecting the car - sounds like you got a total lemon that I would have no faith whatsoever being properly fixed as lemons will stay lemons forever! Good luck! Perhaps a Toyota/Honda next? :)
  5. Chances are it has dripped/leaked at one point, and somewhat dried/evaporated - and the gritty stuff is just normal dust/dirt particles that have mixed in with it as air flows around your engine bay. However, your power steering leak is probably intermittent and/or extremely minor. Probably drips under extreme conditions - e.g. performing a full lock whilst stationary. My car (same model/year) as yours also had a similar wet patch in the same area - on a previous MOT it got an advisory "Power steering pipe(s) or hose(s) has slight seepage from a joint (2.3.3b)". The Mk2.5 Focus has a known issue with the pipe leading from the high pressure pump developing a minor leak - it is alleged that the new hose and seal kit from Ford has fixed this design flaw. I had mine fitted for 335 (parts, labour, VAT inclusive).
  6. But I hate scratches!!! At the least insurance would have paid out if the lorry had run into me No, you're right lol.
  7. Indeed, I got some on mine when I drove round a corner, and saw a lorry heading straight towards me and had to swerve a little into the bushes.
  8. Went to Swindon - which a lot don't regard as the nicest of places, but it was OK I think. Nearly all of my mates are away (on hols/visiting family), so I ended up going alone, but it was still definitely worth it. Yes deffo feeling better thanks bud, I'm now trying to go out a lot more, and not worry so much about saving etc, your advice was a good wakeup call. Plus you can't take the money with you when you die
  9. I like going on a 60 mile journey in my Focus to a new town I haven't been to before. Filled up on the way home at Asda (which I don't have near me), at 116.7p/L! Where I live Sainsburys charges 122.9p/L! I managed to average 44MPG.
  10. If you're driving around a town with only 30MPH or less roads, with traffic lights every few meters (e.g. London), I'd say that's quite normal. The official quoted urban cycle for my Focus is 26.7 MPG anyway, so you're hardly far off.
  11. I hardly have any wind noise on mine, might be your deflectors as you said? Regarding road noise - it's not perfect, but slap on some quiet 67/68dB tyres (e.g. Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance), and it makes a huge difference. Unbelievably my car actually has less road noise than my father's 15 plate top-spec Astra. No rattles from the front, but tailgate cover (the one that goes up at the same time you open the tailgate, made of fabric & plastic) creaks a bit from time to time when driving. Probably the same as you described. Agree with wind up windows and no rear dome light. Boot light is also next to useless. Front passenger seat plastic trim has fallen off, apparently a common design flaw. Pollen filter is a complete pain in the ***** to get to. So is the fusebox. Rear drum brakes are unacceptable in this day and age. Apart from those, it's a perfect car IMO
  12. Brilliant advice mate, deffo going to follow that more As you said, I think my problem is that I'm not making my weekends interesting/fun enough - I might start going out and visiting new places, doing new things etc. Also plan to start going to the gym again soon.
  13. The thing that annoys me is that a cyclist can easily run into a car/scrape it causing damage, but can easily cycle away without any repercussions. No number plates to trace them with, do you think 3rd party insurance at a minimum should be mandatory for cyclists?
  14. Some wise words there
  15. Thanks man, I guess you're right.