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  1. The time has new Focus!

    Totally agree - the test standards are a bit low, and young drivers should be taught defensive driving, even if optionally. Chris - I remember you whinging that people in sixth form were getting brand new cars as their first car. Your's is (almost) a brand-new car - it is so new that I would call it one. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and hopefully you don't have any accidents, or even scratches!
  2. Things I Do Like

    Jamie - I swear I had that camera once upon a time - got any pics of the back of it?
  3. Amazon packaging-overkill?

    Same as me Tom. Imagine if every member on here posted a detailed description of their job, what they do, and the behind the scenes information that the general public are usually oblivious to. That would be very interesting, and a useful learning experience for everyone!
  4. Amazon packaging-overkill?

    I wasn't referring to the cardboard which is obviously recyclable. I was referring to the plastics used in packaging - the air pillows, bubble-wrap, etc... Maybe it is recyclable as you say, don't know tbh... But still recyclable or not, the less excess waste, the better. Hate the excessive amount of packaging the supermarkets use for some fresh fruit/veg.
  5. Amazon packaging-overkill?

    And all of it either ends up in landfill or in an ocean
  6. Public Transport vs Car - your thoughts??

    Had my first train journey in ages today, and admittedly did not enjoy it much (understatement). I forgot how dirty the seats were, how noisy (and smelly) the old turbo diesel motors are, and how rude some (not all) ticket conductors can be.Remember that GB was once at the forefront of rail, and now we have a train network/system that is worse than even some 3rd world countries. Bus - also hate. Coach - well if you manage toget a front row seaton a semi-decent National Express coach, it can be quite nice. Clean, quiet and comfortable like a car, but you don't have to do the driving. And they cruise at around 70 too, on the motorway.
  7. So I've been wondering if it's just me, or is everyone else the same on here. When planning a trip to a far away place (> 1 hour away), do you first consider catching public transport (bus or train) to get there? Or is it a giventhat you will go almost anywhere by car? Is cost a huge factor when comparing the two options, or do youprefer comfort? For me at least, I tend to drive everywhere. The only time I take the train or bus is for two destinations: London (driving in Londonis a nightmare), or one of the airports (Gatwick/Heathrow).
  8. Does your car blow hot air?

    Yes, when A/C is turned on, air temp is pretty cold. Exactly! The temperature dial behaves like a binary switch (when the A/C is OFF)- it's either lukewarm, or boiling hot! I drive in a lot of start/stop traffic, so don't want to breathe in the outside exhaust fumes. That's why I have recirc on 90% of the time. I simplywant < 20C temperature air blowing out of my vents with recirc ON (and A/C off)!Even if the outside temperature is <10 C, apparently it is a big ask for the Focus! Thanks guys.
  9. So here is the situation with my car - I am not sure if it is normal or not, so wondering what other people experience. On a cold day (< 10C outside temperature), if I am driving in my car with the recirculation ON, and the temperature dial set to the coldest, and the fan ON (but A/C switched OFF), it begins blow warm/hot air within 10 minutes or less (although it initially starts blowing cold air). If I then turn the temperature dial to the middle, it makes no difference to the temperature of the air being blown out of the vents. Anyone know why this is the case??
  10. Things I Don't Like

    I've had KFC so many times, and never once had the slightest upset stomach. Hope your stomach gets better though. Unfortunately can't say the same for Subway - even had food poisoning there once. Every Subway I've gone into, the workers touch your cash/the till, and then handle the next customer's sandwich. Disgusting hygiene standards.
  11. R.I.P to Artist: Prince

    RIP, pretty young at 57.
  12. Things I Don't Like

    Expensive to buy, yes (not that expensive, about the cost of a used Mk3 Focus), but they last forever (>300,000 miles on original drivetrain - they're used as cabs in NYC - the worst possible punishment for a car), and nothing ever goes wrong on them. I know you would still probably save money with a smaller petrol engine in the long-run, but the idea of not costing yourself a penny while sitting in traffic seems very tempting. Very spacious/comfy too. Only downside compared to Focus is that it feels a bit wallowy, and not exciting on bendy roads, but you can't have everything.
  13. New focus putting in petrol a chore

    That's what she said
  14. Things I Don't Like

    Don't like the sudden increase in fuel prices either. Every day, it seems to be go up by 1p/litre. The traffic keeps getting worse and worse too. Burning a hole in my pocket on the way to work every day. Tempted to geta Prius for my next car.