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  1. I do like going visiting family this weekend - it's a 100 mile roundtrip, and as usual was a pleasure in the Focus. For some reason the Asda fuel that I last filled up with seems to have had a positive effect on my MPG, as I achieved almost 47 on the way there, and that is despite planting my foot down to overtake slow moving traffic a couple of times.
  2. I bet if I bought an Mk1 or Mk1.5, I'd soon start itching for a Mk3 lol. I think we've established that I'm not heading down that "dangerous" route. Still,must be nice being able to pick and choose what car to drive depending on your mood on the day!
  3. I also like them a lot for some reason. I'm almost tempted to buy one, but that would mean paying nearly 500 quid a year in road-tax, and another 1000 for insurance. Plus, I'd be worried that I might end up liking it too much, and hardly driving my Mk2.5
  4. (Only responding now, as I just happened to be browsing the Fiesta forum and saw the new updates, didn't get any notifications that you replied...) Not torture, it was a very interesting post to read, and I'm so sorry as a fellow Ford driver that you've had to endure such crap from them, that makes some of my awful dealings with them seem incredibly civil in comparison. There are so many content Fiesta owners on here, so seems like you've been so unlucky enough to receive one of the worst examples out there (hence branding it a lemon), but that's not to excuse Ford's disgusting attitude towards you, as they really do owe it to you to make everything right. If you are still very keen on the Fiesta in terms of character/equipment/looks/whatever, then perhaps rejecting it and then buying another working one could be an option. Otherwise, there are loads of cars out there to choose from - Honda Civic is quite good, and they have sporty Type S/Type R 3-door models as well. I'd highly recommend them, Honda are one of the best out there when it comes to reliability. Just avoid French cars (including the DS3) like the plague - we used to have two in our family, and both spent more time in the garage than on the road, were rubbish cars. In comparison, my Focus has only been in the garage *once* in my four and half years of ownership of it.
  5. Indeed it is a looker Driving dynamics are also excellent, the steering feedback is great, and so is a joy to drive on bendy roads. It's not as refined and "grown up" like a Mk3.5, but more "raw".
  6. Very nice looking car
  7. Agree, and even the most mechanically minded car-person has no hope in hell of ever finding out about something like that!
  8. If only one of my friends had a dog! None of them do I can't have one either (unless it's a tiny one like a poodle), as having always lived in small flats with no outdoor space, that's hell for a dog! Plus, vast majority of landlords don't allow pets.
  9. Mine does 2800-2900 RPM @ 70 MPH. 3000 RPM @ 75 MPH
  10. Thankfully not much. Though somehow it apparently managed to cover my car in dirty water droplets from a nearby construction site where I park at work, which is a good 50-75 meters away! Local BP stations advertising banner flew off and started running away. The worst is at home - the rubber door seals are old, and don't create a perfect seal. So constant and loud whistling noise all day, all night. Not to mention losing lots of heat.
  11. You're welcome mate, glad to help other members where I can 👍
  12. Are you sure it's a power steering leak that caused your leak mate? No point in going around replacing problems if it's not the root cause of your problem. P.S: Your profile says you have a 2009 model (facelift - Mk2.5) car, but the part you linked to is for the non-facelift (Mk2) model. Isn't the one below for your car correct? For reference, the parts that were replaced on mine were: (1) F1747039 (for automatic models only) (2) F4747355 (the union nut) EDIT: Also, I'd recommend ordering any parts from your local dealer's parts department if you want to save a bit of money - mine were cheaper than on the site you linked.
  13. If I am seeing this correctly your "leak" appears to be right next to the timing belt pulley, and not near where the PAS pump union is, if I remember my engine bay correctly? So PAS leak might not actually be the problem here... Hopefully someone else will come along and provide some further insight...
  14. I only just saw this and read it from the beginning now. But good move rejecting the car - sounds like you got a total lemon that I would have no faith whatsoever being properly fixed as lemons will stay lemons forever! Good luck! Perhaps a Toyota/Honda next? :)
  15. Chances are it has dripped/leaked at one point, and somewhat dried/evaporated - and the gritty stuff is just normal dust/dirt particles that have mixed in with it as air flows around your engine bay. However, your power steering leak is probably intermittent and/or extremely minor. Probably drips under extreme conditions - e.g. performing a full lock whilst stationary. My car (same model/year) as yours also had a similar wet patch in the same area - on a previous MOT it got an advisory "Power steering pipe(s) or hose(s) has slight seepage from a joint (2.3.3b)". The Mk2.5 Focus has a known issue with the pipe leading from the high pressure pump developing a minor leak - it is alleged that the new hose and seal kit from Ford has fixed this design flaw. I had mine fitted for 335 (parts, labour, VAT inclusive).