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  1. Aye, couldn't agree more, at the end of it felt a tear or two, it was really moving. Not sure if you've watched, but I also highly recommend the TV series "Southland", it's basically a TV series version of that movie.
  2. Did you watch the movie End of Watch?
  3. Congrats, hope you got a decent price for it.
  4. I do like getting my repaired phone back today. Life has returned to normal, lol.
  5. True, good point
  6. Modern parenting & discipline (or lack thereof), and the s*x/drugs/booze culture in the media are to blame!
  7. Tempted to try one!! I've only ever had the normal Bud before, wonder how it compares to that or even Fosters... lol
  8. Walking is much better for your health, wallet, and mind than driving!
  9. Deffo wash it - I must admit I was a little surprised when you first showed the car looking filthy in the advert, psychologically people will be far less inclined to buy badly presented cars (even if mechanically they're fine). That's why people keep buying lemons from Habib's autos, only cause the car has been valeted and polished down to the last inch
  10. Vast majority of truck drivers are fine. My biggest peeve on the roads by far are tailgating Audi's and BMW's - especially when you're driving in town, already going at the speed limit, and in a congested area with lots of traffic.
  11. Patience mate, hopefully you'll get a buyer soon. I suppose you've listed it on gumtree as well? If all else fails, you can go back to the Focus :P
  12. People can't afford to catch trains, let alone drive!
  13. Talk about priorities. Who would rather drive a car in a game instead of real life? lol
  14. Bridge street (A322) in Guildford is shocking!! Below is just for the previous two years only:
  15. I was actually looking at the is300h lol. What are the reasons not to get one? EDIT: Also, what was the road-noise in the is300h like, compared to your current Mondy?