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  1. Things I don't like - waking up in the morning and walking to my car, where I usually park on the street (in resident permit council bays), and finding my wing-mirror smashed. (Note: above picture of the car is not where it was parked - I pulled over to inspect the damage, as I noticed it only after I drove off.) Thing is - I don't know if it was some idiot who doesn't know how to drive (and mis-judged distance between their car and mine whilst driving down the street), or whether it was an act of vandalism (in which case wouldn't be surprised - since I've found my windshield wiper lifted up into the air before). !Removed! hell!
  2. hobby

    That was better than reading a car magazine! Good job on the post, and on the mods!
  3. You poor souls presumably haven't tried Tim Tams. Better than all this junk.
  4. See the deal below If you split your petrol purchase (assuming full tank 50 quid) into 10 quid amounts, you will pay 5 quid less.
  5. It's so hard to time promotions sometimes eh. Filled up with fuel on Sunday, only to learn that Sainsbury's is having a fuel promotion (where I can save 5 quid for a tank) this weekend. No chance of using even a quarter of it by then - had I known, I would have kept the tank empty till then!
  6. Guildford --> Dorking Town (via A25) --> Box Hill --> Leith Hill --> Guildford Was a bit rushed towards the end as I had other obligations, but will re-do it sometime, and hopefully climb the tower. Supposed to be the second highest hill in SE England. Weather was nice and sunny, lots of cyclists on the road, but little traffic. And surprisingly didn't encounter a single stupid driver the whole journey!
  7. I do like going on a nice 50 mile run in the Focus this morning, around the Surrey hills. Weather was very mild too today! Only bit I didn't like was achieving only 38 MPG, despite trying to drive very economically.
  8. 440 quid?? Jesus! I thought it would be around 300. In that case, and since a few people have said I can hold off for another year, I may just as well do that. Apart from the slightly high fuel consumption, and a non-working rear door speaker, it is completely faultless, and a joy to drive. So I'll probably end up hanging on to it for a while longer anyway. Thanks for the advice everyone!
  9. Quack quack! Car is petrol, approaching 31,000 miles. (Actually might sell it in around 12 months time if that matters, but that's a big "might".)
  10. Hi all, So the Focus is due very soon it's annual service, major one this time - being a 59 plate, it's the 7th annual service. As usual, I will go down the Motorcraft main dealer route. So 195 quid for major motorcraft service, 30 quid for MOT, and 50 quid (approx) for brake fluid change. However, it's also approaching the 8 year/100,000 miles mark for a timing belt change - since it is a belt driven (Duratec 1.6 100PS) engine. I have heard people recommending to get that replaced early, and not to necessarily wait until its due date. So my main questions are: (1) In your opinion, should I get it replaced now, during its upcoming service? (Or wait until next year?) (2) If yes, should I also get all the tensioners and the water pump replaced at the same time too? (3) Any rough idea of costs? I'll try to haggle a bit, but don't know if they'll budge (being a main dealer). Maybe they can chuck in a free odour filter replacement. Cheers
  11. Will do far more than a couple years of trouble free motoring!! Hope you enjoy it.
  12. Things I don't like - seeing a 1.2 12 plate Corsa (of course it had to be a stupid Vauxhall) with 3 grown women and a young child in the backseat, with two of the adults smoking in the car. To top it off, it had a stupid princess on board sticker covering a quarter of the hatch windscreen. Shame they didn't get nicked!
  13. :o Do you think they took a loss? So lucky though!
  14. Spotting a Focus in an extremely rare colour!