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  1. Check the timing belt is ok and the timing is spot on. My wifes old Mk1 had a similar thing. I could never get it sorted. Then it came to timing belt renewal. After I had done that it has run perfectly since. No more knock judder or anything. Cant comment on the engine systems fault as that usually shows a code to go with it but it's also worth just checking the fuel filter. Drain it if it has a drain to check for water. Renew it if your brave as there is no bleed mechanism on this engine and you need to draw the fuel up from the tank after changing it. There are various methods I have tried but all are Ba^&%$ds. Then its check if the pump is ok. Mine went at 95k for no reason. I like the Focus. the family has 4 of them. 3 x 1.8's and one 2.0l TDCI's but I find them quite high maintenance. Pumps, steering racks, bushes, wheel bearings, drive shafts & injectors the most fragile. Best of luck buddy :)
  2. Your right :) But I had to look LOL
  3. Well the tank is out, the sender out and I can categorically say there is NO PUMP in the tank. Haynes manual is wrong, Ford dealer is wrong. This leaves me with one problem though. Where did the swarf in my fuel filter come from? The HP pump does not look new but it has run perfectly for 10,000 miles. Questions, questions.
  4. The injectors in the 1.8 TDCI dont require coding. I know this as when I went to get mine reconditioned the guy just gave me 4 reconditioned ones and off I went. Also when my son needed 4 in his he had 2 reconditioned and 2 off the shelf. Both ran and are still running perfectly. Not saying that there is not something wrong with yours but I wouldn't think coding was the problem.
  5. Ill keep you posted. :)
  6. Well I just had Ford get back to me and it has a 'sender & pump assembly' listed. Surely Ford wouldn't get it wrong?
  7. Got to agree it's a stupid design. Suppose i could cut a hole under the seat until I find it ;) perhaps not LOL
  8. Oh. Wasn't even aware it had a DPF. LOL It's never regenerated. Or at least neither me or the wife have ever seen any lights saying it's regenerating. It's done 10,000 since we have had it as well. I suppose there will be connections between that and the tank then to look out for when I take it out. Thanks for that :)
  9. Also it's an Estate. Dont know if that makes a difference :)
  10. Hi, I am just about to get the fuel tank out to get to the fuel sender unit. So I look at the Haynes manual, lift the car, look underneath and there is an additional 'tak' of somesort betweem the tank and spare wheel well. It has pipes & wires going to it and I haven't a clue what it is. I have attached a couple of pics to see if anyone can identify it before I start work. Thanks
  11. It's my wifes 2.0l model. Haynes manual say it has one in the fuel sender unit but so many say no and so many say yes. Suppose the only way to find out is take it out and look. Thanks for the replies. At least the no was consistent on this forum. :)
  12. Hi all, Simple question. Does the fuel sender unit on this model incorporate a lift pump to assist the fuel system? I have had some small metal particles in the fuel filter, tank side to go with some slow starting and want to rule out a failed lift pump before I do anything else. The Haynes manual says it has but Haynes have said this before about other diesel cars and been wrong. Thanks Russ
  13. Really need some help here. I replaced the clutch and DMF on a mk1 1.8 tdci and all seemed to be going well. Got the gearbox back on, checked the clutch was working, turned the engine over, all ok. Gears select ok, clutch works so I put the driveshafts back in and did everything up. Started the car up and as soon as I let the clutch out there was a loud banging noise. Stopped the car, looked around and saw that the near side driveshaft had basically fallen to bits inside the boot. Took that driveshaft off and just to check, started the car up (all this is on the lift), selected gears all ok, no noise. Got a new driveshaft, put it all together and the same banging noise as soon as I start to let the clutch off. What exactly have I Fecked up? Anyone know? Thanks Russ
  14. Thanks mate. All my others have been 1.8's and I know they don't need coding from experience. Trust Ford to make life difficult now! :)