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  1. Hi all, Simple question. Does the fuel sender unit on this model incorporate a lift pump to assist the fuel system? I have had some small metal particles in the fuel filter, tank side to go with some slow starting and want to rule out a failed lift pump before I do anything else. The Haynes manual says it has but Haynes have said this before about other diesel cars and been wrong. Thanks Russ
  2. Really need some help here. I replaced the clutch and DMF on a mk1 1.8 tdci and all seemed to be going well. Got the gearbox back on, checked the clutch was working, turned the engine over, all ok. Gears select ok, clutch works so I put the driveshafts back in and did everything up. Started the car up and as soon as I let the clutch out there was a loud banging noise. Stopped the car, looked around and saw that the near side driveshaft had basically fallen to bits inside the boot. Took that driveshaft off and just to check, started the car up (all this is on the lift), selected gears all ok, no noise. Got a new driveshaft, put it all together and the same banging noise as soon as I start to let the clutch off. What exactly have I Fecked up? Anyone know? Thanks Russ
  3. Thanks mate. All my others have been 1.8's and I know they don't need coding from experience. Trust Ford to make life difficult now! :)
  4. Hi all, Just wondering if you need the injectors coding in if you have them refurbished rather than replaced? I thought you would be ok to have them sorted and pop them back in the same cylinders and off you go. Yes or no? ta Russ
  5. Its not a specific Gen 2 tool and I know it was my fault. It must have been stress on the inner race when I installed it. Yes I am a muppet sometimes! My beef was that Ford were not even diagnosing the problem properly when I had booked it in for a wheel bearing replacement. I know you cant diagnose 100% all the time but when your way off the mark an apology wouldnt hurt.
  6. Fixed. It was the wheel bearing. Fitted a whole hub and carrier, used off fleabay and the noise is gone. Just goes to show not all wheel bearings make 'wheel bearing noises' and not all main dealer mechanics are right. Complained to Ames Ford in Thetford but have not got a reply. Don't expect one really.
  7. Yeah it's just defining what the issue is. I still think it's wheel bearing and will find out soon. :)
  8. Update For anyone interested. I had the car on ramps, running and could not recreate the noise without load. There was however a noise from the drive shaft centre bearing. Fitted an ECP driveshaft. A bit better on the road but still the droning was there. Went to Ford and they diagnosed 'Driveshaft centre bearing'!!!! I said I had only replaced it yesterday but they insisted that was the problem. Took shaft back to ECP and got a Ford OE driveshaft. Fitted that yesterday and............ No difference except that I paid twice as much for the driveshaft. Have now sourced a used hub from ebay and will fit when it arrives just to make sure it's not the wheel bearing. To be honest on the ramp I could not hear a thing from the wheel bearing through the stethoscope. Stay tuned for the next post :0
  9. Hiya, Vendee, very interesting. It was a Lucas bearing from ECP. I am loathe to condemn the bearing yet as there is no noise at all up to 40mph then bang. Drones like hell. It is worth bearing in mind though. Inatt, this was my next port of call, thanks. Didnt even know there was a bearing there till it was mentioned. :)
  10. Thanks mate. Just hope your wrong in my case. Will check in the week. This drone is LOUD though. You can hear it above the radio, is way over to the right and cornering makes no difference. I am looking next at the disks as they are very old and may have a tiny warp that is vibrating at speed.I doubt it is them though as braking makes no difference. I know its not the wheel balance as I have swopped wheels with no change. I will check the gearbox though just elimainate that possibility, or solve it. Thanks again. :)
  11. No it's too obviouslt OSF
  12. Hi people :) I have just fitted a new OSF wheel bearing. Pressed it in with a proper front wheel drive press kit and it turned nice and smoothly no noises etc. I had replaced it on advice from mechanics at work so was sure it was a problem. However on driving the car now I am getting a droning noise and some vibration ( I can feel it on the acellerator pedal!) bang on 40mph and above. Below that no problem car drives as it should. Can the new bearing be bad? There is no difference when cornering. Sound is vehicle spped related and not engine speed or gear related and seems 99% to be the OSF area. The wheel balance weights are still on and I am a bit stuck now. Would the bearing behave like this? Any help appreciated. Russ
  13. All sorted with new intercooler hose. Fixed. :)
  14. Found a split in one of the intercooler hoses. :) Hoping I can sort it now.
  15. Coolant level is spot on, no loss there. I does take an awful long time to warm up. It's a 2006 model but my wife and son both have Mk1's and they warm up much quicker. Oh and forgot to say I ran my scanner over it and there were no stored fault codes. It's a full scan as well not just the OBD2 one.