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  1. No I never used the extras anyway...your right I noticed that titaniums don't hold there value. I compared an 11 plate titanium and a zetec s on a comparison site both with average mileage, and the zetec s was still coming in 2-3k more than the titanium. I love my titanium (even tho its beige)but I've wanted a Zetec s for ages...so yeah it's defo worth the extra 4.5k. I will miss the beige beauty tho lol :)
  2. What do you think.... A 1.4 59 titanium for a 1.6 2012 Zetec s for an extra 4499?
  3. Ha Yeah it does have cruise control, I forgot to type that...... Probably because I don't actually use it lol
  4. Hahaha oh right... Yes your probably right there.
  5. ???..... Biege is the closest I can call it, it's actually called spa silver, and I'm sure I'd get more disagreements from that lol. So why do you think I've done right?
  6. Yeah i think so....I tried to haggle, but he said it was the sell price. Lol obviously. Cheers mate and you enjoy yours too. :)
  7. Well my titanium was pretty basic... It didn't really have anything more than standard, air con and an auxiliary port, that's it. The Zetec s has Bluetooth, climate control a USB port.. Wow you have got lucky. I've been looking round and it seems a pretty decent price.
  8. I've just bought a zetec s In black 1.6 £10,499 With 11,000 miles on the clock... I still currently do have my titanium, It's getting ready for part exchange, It's a 1.4 auto, beige 59 plate with 21,000 miles on the clock, they've offered me £6000 for it.. It's a Gorgeous car. And I'm really going to miss it. What does everybody think about my choice? Right? Or wrong?
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums T100mpr :)

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