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  1. Mk1 Focus Starting Problem

    I have a 02 ford focus 1.6 zetec. It has been stood without starting over the winter, went to start it last week and It was completely dead, no dash lights, central locking or anything. I charged the battery over night and put it back in the car, and all the lights and everything came one but it still wouldn't start, the lights didn't dim or any clicking or anything when I tried to start it If I bump it down a hill it jumps in to life straight away and the engine seems to run fine once started. If I try and start it with ignition nothing at all happens. no clicking, no turning over the dash lights do not even dim. If I bump it, then leave it started for 20 mins it will turn over again and start, but sounds very weak. Once started everything works, lights and everything except the blowers. My mate says it will be battery that's a bit knackered and not holding enough power turn it over but holding enough to run the lights etc. but if this the case, would it not make a clicking sound and dim the dash lights etc when I tried to start it. Any help or advice is very much appreciated
  2. Help With Mot Failiure

    Ah not too bad then, thanks for you help. your car looks amazing BTW
  3. Help With Mot Failiure

    Hi Everyone I have a 2002 Focus 1.6 Zetec. I took it for an M.O.T. yesterday and it failed on among other things Offside front (drop link) Anti-roll bar Insecure. Does anyone know which part (or parts) I need and how much I would I be looking for one. Thanks for you help
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums grezzaa :)

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