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  1. Bit of an update. Jacked it up earlier today and took the wheels off. Plenty of life left in the discs and pads and couldn't see anything rubbing that would make noise. Also had a good look around and couldn't see anything loose as james1089 suggested. While it was jacked up with the wheels on checked for play and there was none so I don't think its a wheel bearing either. Possible clutch bearing maybe? I think I'm going to have to take it to a garage for diagnosis as its a bit beyond my knowledge. I might just live with the noise for a bit as you can only hear it with the radio off but then again it bugs me knowing something isn't right.
  2. Thanks I will take a look at that as well. :)
  3. Righty I have checked the discs on two separate occasions and both times were fine to touch. The first time they were a little warm after moderate braking. The second time they actually felt reasonably cold. So I don't think the brakes are binding. I'll take the wheel off at the weekend and see if I can spot anything. Out of curiosity what did it cost to get a bearing changed in your gearbox? Just preparing for worst case scenario.
  4. Thanks I will give that a try. Do people think it is unlikely gearbox related?
  5. No I don't think so. Brakes seem fine to me and I can't hear any noises when braking. When the rain finally stops I'll take a better look at wear.
  6. Hello all, recently bought a 2007 Focus with 67K on the clock and of course getting to find its little niggles that come with a second hand car. Anyway I have noticed what I can describe as a slight high pitched whine noise. It doesn't happen when you are parked revving the engine and only seems to start when you are accelerating doing about 30mph+. As soon as I take my foot off the accelerator it stops. Then when I accelerate it starts again getting faster / higher pitched the quicker I go. My old man had a quick look and seems to think it could be the gearbox or a wheel bearing but he's not sure. It sounds as if the noise comes from the front nearside but it is hard to tell. Any ideas?
  7. Thanks that's possible. I'm not too worried about it. If it is the case it seems a bit noisier than my mk1.
  8. Yep sound goes away when stopped. Still seems to be gone when stopped revving the engine.
  9. Hi thanks for the reply. No it is not a squeak and does not happen when stopped revving the engine. More just a slightly louder constant engine noise. Think more regular engine sound, but amplified a bit and coming from the passenger side engine area.
  10. Hello all, just bought a 2007 Focus Sport with 66K on the clock and have a question. Took the car for a test drive and all seemed fine. However on the motorway on the way home I noticed there is a slight noise which seems to come from the passenger side engine area when you have your foot on the accelerator. When you take your foot off it seems to go. Hard to describe the noise but it is not a whiring or grinding more just a constant noise above the engine sound.. Car has full service history and was serviced by Ford only a 2K miles ago so I'm tempted to think its nothing serious. But, I don't know much about cars and the noise is slightly annoying.
  11. That might be something worth looking at. I have no idea if the timing belt has been changed by the previous owner. I took a look at the belt a few months ago and there were no cracks or anything / looked fine. Probably needs changing to be safe though.
  12. I suppose that is possible, any way of testing? It hasn't done it going around corners that I have noticed. It used to make a creaking noise going around corners but it was fixed with a new anti roll bar link.
  13. I have a 2003 MK1 Focus Zetec 1.6 that is starting to make an annoying clicking / clinking noise from the engine. The best way I can think of describing it is almost like a high pitched clinking noise you get when you tap glass bottles together. When I am in neutral and rev the engine I can't hear it, it mainly seems to happen either when accelerating or in a highish gear going up a hill. So presumably when the engine is working harder. It has done this for a while but seems to have gotten a little worse since it came out of the garage for an MOT the other day. But all they did was change the CAT, brake pipes and things like that. Nothing to do with the engine apart from update the engine management software version (they said it fixed an issue with the engine revving its self slightly which it seems to have done). Car has done 99K miles and was serviced this time last year so is due another one. Any ideas?
  14. Twice now I have been reversing with full left lock on to park and heard a clunk followed by the steering dying to the point where the wheel won't move either direction. A few seconds later it comes back on and I can finish parking. Today the same thing happened again but instead of a clunk I could hear what I can only describe as almost a hissing noise. Is this likely to be the power steering pump on its way out? If so any ideas what it is likely going to cost for it to be repaired? :( Car still works by the way, this only seems to happen for a few seconds when I have full left lock on and then it works fine again.
  15. Thanks. Is that much different to something like this? I'll browse some stereos. Maybe something not glossy black will blend in better with the dash but no doubt hard to find.