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  1. Happy Birthday GandalftheGrey!

  2. Switching From Titanium To Zetec S

    Hi if you never used your cruise control you certainly wont miss it, only ever had it on one previous car (non ford) and must say i havent missed it. Just part ex`d my 58 plate zetec s 1.6 with 25500 miles on it ( paid 10995 for it 3yrs ago from dealership (5500 on it then ) for a 63 plate zetec s ( brand new ). They gave me £6000 for old one and only thing i`m gonna miss is the powdercoated wheels that i had to leave on it, diamond cut flaked on the original surfaces which was a common fault then and ford would only redo it only for it to happen again at a later date. I think at the end of the day it will be down to what you feel is right as i did, loved the old one as did the wife and even fitted an after market alpine headunit with bluetooth etc ( now removed and refitted original basic audio but i`m gonna adore the new one cos they are so much better 5yrs a few months time when you`ve driven a tad you probably just remember the tiranium with fond affection. :)
  3. New Member

    Hi Everyone :) Just joined today all new to me this forum/club/thing. Had my current car for 3yrs ( yea i know, should have joined ages ago ) Due to pick up New car :D on 01/10/13 so i thought well new car new start etc,etc etc. Anyways hello all
  4. My Current Car

  5. Zetec S 1.6

    From the album My Current Car

    This is my current car but due to be changed on 1st Oct 2013
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums GandalftheGrey :)

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