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  1. Clutch Problem

    To be honest with you, I'm also not sure I have a problem. The RPMs sound find. I think it's time to put this thread to bed. Everything I know to say about the situation I've all ready said. I guess, I'll just let it go until I have to do something. Thanks againf for your interest. I've enjoyed exchange posts with you. Richard
  2. Clutch Problem

    Just wondering. Still pondering the cause of the car not decelerating when I exect it to. Thanks
  3. Clutch Problem

    first of all, I agree that it's hardly likely we can deduce a valid diangnosis on this forum. I appreciate your time and thoughts and sharing your experiences. The purpose of my original post to determine if the problem was caused by me or the car and I think I have you answered my question. I would like your opinion about one more matter. Ignoring everything else in this thread, is it possible for a actual physical grear change to be delayed a moment or two after the driver has changed the gears? Just curious. Thanks again.
  4. Clutch Problem

    Thank you for your interest Slow -- 15 to 30 MPH I should have mentioned long ago, that I cannot detect any slippage in the clutch at any speed in any gear.
  5. Clutch Problem

    thanks for you prompt reply. I didn't express myself well. I'll try again. In certian cases, I take my foot off the accelerator to allow the car to slow down slightly and the car feels like it speeds up very briefly. This happens very rarely and its over quickly and it's possible that I just sense the car is accelerating while in fact its just maintaining its speed. I have little oppotunity to analyze the situation. Its entirely possible I was in second grear went this appented and that's why I asked about the problem you mentioned about the 2nd grear synchromesh. The revs are not sticking. The sudder is similar to when a engine doesn't produced enough power for the grear. Anyone who has driven a manual transmission has had this experience. thanks again.
  6. Clutch Problem

    Thanks for your reply Stooge75. The shudder feels like the engine. the car shuddpers. Since I posted, I've skipped trying to get into 2nd and now go straight to 1st which helps a lot. But it's really not very smooth. Also since I last posted I have experiened that I would describe as "sudden acceleration" which seems to have nothing to do with the engine and may be nothing more than not decellerating when I expect it. I just wonder how this fits into your scenerio 99% of the time, the car is a joy to drive. There are some tricks to driving a diesel with a 6 speed and I just hoping I was the cultrip. I live in Hungary and the ford dealer is the only semi-trust worthy service provider for me. Thanks again.
  7. Clutch Problem

    In January, I bought a 2008 1.8 Tdci Mondeo Hatchback. It has a 6 forward gear box. This is my first experience with diesel engine and I have little experience with a manual transmission. I bought the car from a dealer who guarenteed the drive train the car so I expect the clutch was looked at carefully before I bought it and it had it's 120,000 Kilometer servicing in June from the dealer. When I down shift from third to second, the car will sometimes judder and I must go to 1st. None of this is smooth. I am mishandling the gears in this car or there is a mechnical problem that needs attention? I expect that the car should proceed smoothly by shifting into second in these circustances However. I understand that this car is a bit underpowered with a 1.8. Any way, I'd appreciate any ideals or suggestions. Richard
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Hulmphster :)

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