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  1. Focus Zetec S Damage

    Hi everyone and thanks for all the advice, I'm going to order one from Ford tomorrow, better to be safe than sorry I'm thinking, I just want it back to how it was. Thanks again everyone Regards
  2. Focus Zetec S Damage

    Thanks Hyrule
  3. Focus Zetec S Damage

    Thanks for the advice Hyrule, I will keep an eye out for one on ebay and sites like that, but looks like I will have to buy the part from Ford, are they easy to fit does anyone know as I don't really want to pay extra for Ford to fit it
  4. Focus Zetec S Damage

    Hi Steads, thanks for the reply, the main bumper on the car is fine and has no damage, its the grey trim at the bottom thats damaged, by the looks of it they tried to grab bit in the middle that looks like steps and yank it off resulting in snapping the steps, i just have the middle bit missing, i have attached a photo to show you the part they snapped, they must have thrown the snapped part as well. My focus is black colour, thanks again for the reply and spending time to help with my problem. Regards
  5. Focus Zetec S Damage

    Hi all, first time post. I recently decided to buy a Focus Zetec S on a 09 plate, Love the car to bits and have always wanted one, i came back from holiday this time last week to discover some had tried to steal ( i think its called diffuser) the grey bit at the bottom of the rear bumper and not done the best job resulting in it being damaged. i looked on the ford website and to replace it will be £250, with just buying the car and my holiday im not in the position to spend this amount of money at the moment, i was just wondering if any of you guys know or could recommend a cheaper alternative until i am in a postion to buy one from ford. i have seen some on ebay from China and some from Poland but unsure on fit or quality. i would be grateful for any advice on this. thanks in advance.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Panth :)

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