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  1. Happy Birthday Steelman!

  2. Hey Guys!!! I know I was going to wait 'till Tuesday but, it got the better of me. So, I bought a new coil pack & HT leads (£48.76) It took me 10 minutes at the most & hey, look at me!!! the newby mechanic has fixed it!! Car goes like it should with no hesitation at all. Hope this helps anyone with similar probs & thanks again for all your ideas. Regards PETE :D :D
  3. :)Guys, thanks for all your interest. I've got the car booked in to a garage that I've used for years. They're good lads & now that I WILL & have checked their work before & I'm lucky that they're good guys to me. It's booked in for Tuesday so I'll report back on the findings!! Thanks again for your help, Regards PETE :)
  4. Thanks for that. It had full service in December but I'll get plugs changed as well. Any idea how much I may be looking at ? Thanks PETE
  5. Hi Folks, Problem with my 99 T reg 1.8 Focus. When warm, if you hammer down the accelerator, you get a hesitant mis-fire then it goes like a freight train!! ONLY IF YOU THRASH IT. If you gradually build the speed up, no problem. It's driving me crazy. It only happens initially & then runs great. Any ideas whats wrong?(Thanks in advance!!)
  6. No. I think the answer lies with a broken connection somewhere, but hey, thanks for your ideas anyway. Regards PETE
  7. Had a good look at the glass & all I can see is very very small, what look like burn marks, on three of the lines. I've bought some of the liquid mentioned & I'll give it ago later. Thanks for all your help.
  8. Thanks for that. I'll see what I can find out.Regards Pete
  9. Can anyone tell me why my rear window will only half demist? (Top half) Can anyone also tell me the cure?Thanks for your help.Regards PETE.
  10. Hi Folks. Sorry for the late responce. It turned out to be drag link bushes/antiroll bar thingy ma jigs!!! Anyway, replaced the !Removed! lot & she's fine now. Thanks again to all of you who tried to help. Regards Pete :D
  11. It happens when turning from lock to lock & not when holding it on full lock. Also, it only seems to happen when car has been travelling a while ie, when it has warmed up. If it is pumps, what pumps are they as my tool kit consists of one big hammer & a grinder!!! Thanks PETE
  12. ]Yes, it is power steering & it happens on either lock. Its more pronounced if you rock the steering wheel from side to side.
  13. Hi folks. Be gentle with me as I'm a newbee!! I'm getting a groaning noise from my steering on my T reg Focus. Driving me mental!!! The steering is smooth & not heavy. Only happens lock to lock. Any helpful surgestions would be great. Thanks Pete