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  1. Mk? And Wheels?

    Ahh thanks very much I do get abit confused
  2. Mk? And Wheels?

    thanks, then i will ring my insurance company and check on price for change of wheels cheers Dave appreciated
  3. Mk? And Wheels?

    also does anyone know the mark of my car mark 5/6? im confused as how to tell, its the new shape like a fusion, but not the new new shape if that makes sense.? i need to upload a pic soon!! pat
  4. Mk? And Wheels?

    Would that include ford zetec s wheels?? and as i have bought the car preloved, could i just assume they were the original wheels ? thanks pat
  5. Mk? And Wheels?

    Thanks very much, will be taking all points into consideration, i do believe mine to be 108mm but im going to google and do my research before a purchase have seen some zetec s wheels with tyres £120 on ebay may go and have a look i dont particularly want to fork out on new new wheels as im a new driver and i am bound to scuff them, i do think perhaps i got ripped off with my first car as now finding it is needed (though not immediately) a new steering rack, steering pump and new discs and pads (general maintenance) bought the car for £925 had a bald tire (completely bald)no head light bulb and was pretty much black (its actually bright red) so its a work in progress not sure how much a new clutch will be as it seems to be very high. Pat thanks for all your help guys :)
  6. Mk? And Wheels?

    Hi guys, Just passed my test and bought a fiesta zetec 2002 1.4 5dr I believe it to be a mk6 but possibly a mk 5 anyone be able to tell? Also have found my front driver alloy wheel is buckled have found some wheels on eBay mine are 195/50r15 and the ones I am thinking of buying are 195/50 15 would they be Ok on my car can provide a link if needed, just need some advice guys thanks Pat
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Xmyfiesta02 :)

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