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  1. no, cant say it was loud I did have an advisory on my MOT in july saying it was loose but it had passed the emmissions so he didn't fail it before the car went in on Wednesday it was running fine it had the central locking GEM replaced the Saturday before but I cant see that causing any kind of problems with the running of the car wish I hadn't had the thing changed now :(
  2. Ok so the garage decided the problem with the car was my flexi pipe had come away from the exhaust so after paying £170 today for a new manifold inc flexi pipe I got the car back now its not as bad as it was but I still feel its lacking power it only seems to be when I have come to a stop or have slowed right down then try to accelerate away from a junction etc car will be returned again to the garage tomorrow :(
  3. I have returned the car to the garage mechanic took it out for a run and he says theres a flat spot ? he's told me he cant look at it till Monday so I just left the car with him as it was no use to me in its present condition, 10 mins after getting home they called to say they think they have identified the problem .... the felxi pipe has come away from the exhaust and this could be causing the problem? there going to call me in the morning with a price for this job they have said they will still check that the timing is lined up correctly but in his words its fool proof!
  4. my focus 2002 1.6 manual went into the garage on Wednesday morning for timing kit replacement since then I have felt it was a bit slow taking off at junctions then I thought I was just being paranoid until today when I was at the school which is on a steep hill and I couldn't get up it! the car seems to be running fine apart from this I at first thought my clutch was on the way out but the car doesn't over rev when I was trying to get it to move foot to the floor and getting about a metre at most! am stumped?!? have the garage mucked up the timing or do I have another problem all together?
  5. Just incase anyone comes across this post in search of an answer to a similar problem it was indeed the central locking GEM it drained the battery on the car was told it was a ford job but I ordered another GEM with the same serial number from good old ebay for £13 plugged it in and it worked reprogrammed the key and everythings working as it should!
  6. I have removed the central locking unit now don't know if this is valid but considering the cars not been turned on the unit is pretty warm i'll leve it for an hour and plug it back in see how it goes
  7. Last night went to go out in the car and noticed I couldn't open the car with the key so opened door with the key and then noticed there was no light so I automatically thought i'd left something on and drained the battery but the car started fine then I noticed I couldn't let my passengers in as both back doors are dead locked and the boot open button isn't working either :( Took the car out but as soon as I got to the first junction this is when I noticed I had no idicators this is all I have noticed so far as it was late and couldn't really look at much else this morning I've checked the fuses and they are all ok am at a total loss here and I really need the car for work tomorrow morning could anyone point me in the direction of where I should be looking?
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums moodymoocow :)

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