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  1. yea thanks apparently so, I've seen the other thread now, it does look tidier
  2. My wife's new tdci zebec was debadged also, just the fiesta logo.
  3. My wife got her new fiesta on friday, the car has got no badges on the back apart from the fiesta logo? no tdci or zetec badge? is this an oversight by the dealership or is this the norm now on new fiestas.
  4. We were about to order it today when a lady who lives at the top of the street rolled up in one today!! couldn't believe it lol Oh well back to the drawing board for the colour, she's having a tdci zetec with 1.6 engine.
  5. Thanks for that, looks quite nice , change from silver and black we have been having. Hmmm decisions decisions.......
  6. My wife is about to order a fiesta and shes not sure what colour to choose, in the brochure Dark Micastone looks interesting, bu is this a gold tint? Anyone got this colour care to share a picture or two, cheers Ade
  7. thanks i wont bother with it then
  8. ive heard a product called RAIN X mentioned before somewhere, what is this and is it any good
  9. After the wash, need for speed and tropical mist on sunday the rain came this week, heres a pic of the beads
  10. spent a good few hours this morning cleaning the car, using tips and products suggested here of course, new products used for the first time were, dodo juice need for speed and dodo juice tropical red mist, both produced great results, also got some megs endurance tyre gel. I wont post pics as its not a fezza
  11. do any of you guys use a dyson handheld for hoovering your cars? I have a bit of a problem getting the hoover to the car where i live so was contemplating buying one soon
  12. great thanks, so its just wipe on buff off affair
  13. anyone used it??
  14. anyone used the new dodo need for speed product?
  15. am i allowed to post in here now as i no longer own a fiesta, but still use the dodo juice products and find the advice given here very handy?