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  1. 2010 Focus 2.0 TDCI shudder

    Hello. Yep, I was going to get the whole lot done. If it needs doing of course.
  2. Hello all. My jalopy has developed a shudder that I can feel through the clutch pedal and audible rattle to go with it. It is reduced when I press the pedal down (in neutral), but still present. During driving there is a bit of a rubbing sound. Am I right in thinking that the Dual mass flywheel is dying?That'll be what a hefty remap does I suppose. If it is that, would is the opinion on Sachs DMF's? If I need one of course.
  3. Cool okey doke. I'll leave it be then :). The washers are fine. Cheers for the reply!
  4. Hello all. Car is mentioned under my avatar. Road water is getting in under the bonnet and making its way across the engine cover, air box,battery cover etc. Is there anything out there that can be installed to stop this? Or is it 'meant' happen in that air is meant to come into the engine bay? I'd rather not have water getting in there ideally, but if it is a result of something that needs to happen, so be it. Cheers Kye
  5. My New Mobius Dashcam

    Sussed it. The PC had a wobbly and didn't get the settings and configurations across properly it would seem. I've flashed the camera, installed all the software again and it seems to be happier again. I'll report back on what happens. If all seems well, I'll put the capacitor back in (issues happened with that too).
  6. My New Mobius Dashcam

    Hello folks. Is anyone having problems with their Mobius refusing to start recording once the ignition comes on? Mine is doing just that intermittently. It'll fire up a with a few start ups, then refuse to for one or two. I have to mass the buttons to get it to start recording. Not helpful as you can imagine. It is configured to run off internal and external power and to start recording once power is received. I'll have a look into it later and let you know what I find out.
  7. Long Term Effects Of Egr Blanking.....

    I have the same engine and my light kept coming on. It stayed on more times than off actually. No harm has come of it. I have changed the fuel I used to BP and/ or Shell and the light spends more time off now. I can't imagine a six mile journey in London is going to help matters much either. I'd be more worried about your Diesel particle filter than the EGR valve.
  8. Wiring Loom Required

    Aha!! You star! Thank you very much! Now to find a way to access the orange female connector. What is it with Ford and their chub on for electrical tape?
  9. Wiring Loom Required

    Hello all. Can anyone tell me where I can find on of these? Or what the connectors are called? Mucho thanks
  10. Hey up chaps. Bit of an observation on this topic. I've had mine done for some time and the engine management light was always lit. After reading some other threads on these forums (and other websites) I have changed over to BP and Shell diesel now. I was using Sainsbury's before. The car smoked it's way around and emitted black contrails rather than clouds under power. With cleaner fuel now in the tank, the car smokes less, which means a cleaner exhaust system. It also means that the EML has gone out!! It hasn't been on for a while now. I've not used FORscan on the car yet, but I strongly suspect that cleaner diesel has helped matters. The car is running a charm so it leads me to think that fuel does have an affect. If you find yourself in a similar situation to the one I was in, try changing your fuel and giving it a few weeks and a bit of a kick about when you can. :) I'll do some diagnostic checks and see what I can find
  11. K&n 57s-4000

    Hello all. Does anyone have an experience with the side hole jobbies on the 2.0TDCi engine? Rather interested in giving this a go. I miss the induction roar. I had a metal conical mushroom cone thing on my old 1.6 petrol. It made a right !Removed! racket! :D
  12. Help With Headlights Mk2.5

    Ahh someone else who finds the beams poor as well. Mine don't go very far and have no definitive pattern either. I'm going to take it in somewhere to get the alignment checked soon. I'd rather pay for the peace of mind knowing they are been done properly. As for fitting the bulbs, they only fit one way I found. Keep us updated. It will be interested to see what you find out.
  13. Odd Rubbing Through Accelerator

    Any idea where it is on a 2.0 TDCi? I'll have a look later.
  14. Odd Rubbing Through Accelerator

    That doesn't sound like much good can come of it. I've not noticed any ill effects though. I'll not worry about it for the moment. Thank you for the replies, folks. :)