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  1. How do i know when my car was first made

    Unless they have changed it, it was free when I registered few months ago
  2. Footwell lighting

    Sorry can#t give you step by step guide as I not done it on a Fiesta.
  3. Footwell lighting

    When you install them do not use the switch wire them straight to the curtesey light. The wiring to cut out the switch comes with the instructions when you buy them. Or you could leave in switch which ever you prefer. Best way to find the correct wires is to unsrew your curtesey light switch then trace the cable futher back to a convenient point then cut cable and wire in paralle with the neons. To check you cuttin the correct cable use a 12V light tester, it should only be live when curtesey switch is on, or out.
  4. How do i know when my car was first made

    I am glad I found it quite straight forward so I was wondering where you were stuck. Hope it gives you the info you want.
  5. i found this on face book :(

    That might struggle with a MOT test.
  6. Footwell lighting

    That lighting is fairly straight forward used to do it in my previous customised car. Firstly buy some 12" computer neon lights, these are 12v so will work fine in a car, and are so much cheaper than proper car ones. Use ebay to buy these. Found these with a quick search you might find cheaper Link When installing them just wire them into your curtesey light wiring so that they come on when you open the door. If you wire them to ignition live they will be very bright for driving at night. Hope this helps Steve
  7. How do i know when my car was first made

    Look it up on the Ford Etis site. You will need to register but once done just add your reg number and it will give you loads of wonderful info about your car. Linky Link Link
  8. 1st MK7 service - Have I been robbed?!

    My first service was £125 via a non ford dealer just my local garage, they did use Ford parts also. This is all perfectly within the warranty so maybe do this for your next service.
  9. legal window % tint?

    The legal specs are upto 100% on all rear windows and no more than 30% on front windows. I would say at a guess the Mk7 are 80% as Michelle says, used to have a jap car that was 95% and it was still comfortable to drive.

    You can not pull power from the head unit has the cable is no where near thick enough, you will blow fuses or may be cause fire. The cable for the power needs to be 10gauge thick. I agree that sub sounds like it will be nice for under seat. Mine is not blow ur mind bass as I not have it turned up high just give a little kick to the bass. However at the moment mine is not in the boot as I needed the space for a camping trip I went on, so your underseat one sound good idea. Link to my guide. Linky Link Link

    Was just thinking. You could hook up RCA converters to the rear speakers, I just fitted them straight to the speaker cables in the head unit as you have to hook up the remote cable to the unit so as you have head unit out already it saves you taking out rear speakers if you put the RCA converters cables into the speaker cables going into the head unit.

    No, I didn't upgrade speakers, just fitted a active sub box, 10". Can't remember make now without going outside to look. I didn't really incur any real problems but I done it before. I assume you have looked at my guide. You will def need a RCA converter as there is no pre-amp outs on the head unit. Running the cables was not to hard but I could not find an easy way to get power through the bulk head so I removed the inner wheel arch linning went into the near side wing and fed the power cable through where the hinge off the door is. Negartive needs to be taken from the rear less than 1 metre from the amp. When you hook uo the remote cable make sure you wire it to an ignition live so that amp is not permantly on. All cables can be run underneath the sill plates, however the RCA cables should be run away from the power cables. You may already know those tips, as I said did not have any real probs. If you look at my guide taking the head unit out is fairly easy just becareful not to break the panel below unit n above aircon. To remove this you should put very thin screwdriver along top edge towards the out sides n gentle lever out, do not pull from bottom or from centre top or more likley to break. Anyway no order to what I wrote above if you careful there is no real probs.

    Just turned computer on and saw this title straight away lol, how can I help???
  14. The Next (or Perhaps First) FOC Meet

    I am easy to, so me and the other easy plp can get together any time lol.
  15. Time for new tyres

    The company I am franchised to says to all the pupils that ring up the head office say that I have the best car in the whole fleet and there is 27 instructors in my company. The head office quite often has pupils call and ask for my fiesta. Since having had the Fiesta (March 13th) every single pupil thinks the car is cool, and alot when they pass are upset that they not going to be able to have a car like mine.