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  1. Happy Birthday cressws1!

  2. I have these on my mk1 and they are not adjustable, however someone once suggested that if you put a small blob of superglue at the bottom of the jet it directs the mist higher up the screen. I suppose in theory this could be done on different parts of the jet to angle the mist whichever way you like. I hope this helps.
  3. Well after a week of running fine with a new battery the problem has returned today. I am now looking at replacing the alternator probably getting a second hand one from e-bay and trying to fit it myself as a new one is looking at costing me £150 approx. My question is do the 1.8 petrol and the 2.0 petrol use the same alternator? I have found one on ebay in almost new nick but its advertised as a 2.0 engine one... Any help with this greatly appreciated.
  4. Well after breaking down on the M1 at rush hour this morning, somehow getting back to Nottingham from Sheffield via the AA man borrowing me a battery for the duration of the journey, it turned out to indeed be a knackered battery. Not bad considering I've had the car 6 years and that was the battery that was on it when I got it! £50 for a new battery fitted, bloke even cleaned all the connectors etc and put some stuff on the terminals to keep them clean, all sorted. Thanks for all the tips and help, will come in handy in the future I am sure!
  5. Engine off - 12.0v Engine running - 14.1v What I have noticed upon inspection is what can only be described as "loads of white stuff" underneath the + terminal. Ive been out to it today and the light is no longer coming on so it appears to be intermittent. I plan to give the terminals the clean at the weekend and see if this helps. Anyone any idea what the white stuff is and how likely that is to be causing the issue? Thanks in advance.
  6. Sorry if this is a ridiculous question but how would I be able to do this?
  7. Evening all, First time I've seen this on my car. When idling the battery light comes on to indicate the battery is not being charged. The light goes off as soon as any pressure is applied to the accelerator (even when not in gear). I assume it is either the battery or the alternator, am I correct? Any advice much appreciated. Thanks Scott.C
  8. My Mk1 1.8 has the exact same thing and always has since I've had it (4 years in December). Never had any problems with blowers/overheating at all so just left it.
  9. Some sort of CD Auto Changer?
  10. I also managed to get a set of genuine ford plugs for a 1.8 for less than a tenner from E-bay.
  11. My MK1 Focus (Petrol) was around the £300 mark also.
  12. I think its something to do with your remote fob. Either the battery is on its way out or there is a problem with the way its programmed.
  13. On my commute in to Sheffield this morning some kerb stones decided to fly off the back of a not very well loaded skip lorry and under my Focus at 70mph! Suffice to say it could have been worse, Would have been nice for the lorry driver to stop though. 2 buckled Alloys on near side. Ford wanted £145+ vat, Managed to pick 2 pristine Ford alloys with brand new Pirelli P6000 tyres up from fleabay for £60 the pair. So this month thats been Handbrake cable, Rear shoes and cylinders, Exhaust back box, Rear drop links, 2 new Alloys and 2 new tyres. Anything else?
  14. If your unable to remove the radio the easiest way I found to read the sticker which is mounted on the top of the radio is to remove one or both of the centre blowers (they just pull out).
  15. OK so an update: 1. Had the back-box replaced by my local independent, Cheapest I could find the part was approx' £30 and he only charged me £42 inc' VAT and that's with a 2 year warranty, Not worth getting the jack out for. 2. Replaced the rear drop links today, Boy were they broken, They were unrecognisable to the replacement ones. Offside one came off a treat didn't even need to jack up the car, Nearside one was so bent/corroded it was barely still a bolt, Took half a can of WD-40 and some serious smashing with a hammer to loosen that baby but I did it in the end and am quite proud now. Independent wanted £88.00 to replace them both and I did it for cost of the parts and a can of WD-40, Totalling around £15! One tip for anyone replacing this part would be to not tighten either side up until the weight of the car is on the suspension, Then tighten both bit by bit. I tightened one side all the way while the other side of the car was still jacked up and it made one side of the car stick up.