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  1. ok ill get it changed asap.. I have another question but don't know where to post it lol
  2. No still have not found the problem.
  3. the pipes are warm and even. drove it last night and started to get quiet warm in traffic as soon as i started driving and kept the revs below 2000rpm it started to cool right down to almost cold. as soon as i go above 2000rpm it starts getting warm again. im just hoping its not hg. thank u for the replies
  4. Hi im new to this. im just after a bit of advise as i have just got a 1998 ford mondeo estate. drove it home last night and was fine. started driving it today and noticed that the temperature gauge was going up to the letter A then cools down a bit then goes back up. Just need adise on what it could be. I'm hoping its nothing major :(
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums madman23 :)

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