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  1. which gearbox plug?

    Hi - I'm trying to check my gearbox oil level and the Haynes talks about the filler plug not to be confused with the blanking plug. On the gearbox front I can only see one hex plug about 15mm dia about 1/2 way down the box. Is this the right one - a picture would be great.
  2. spark plug change

    Hi - please stick with me as I learn my new car. I previously owned a Zetec Escort which required both the plugs and HT leads to be changed together. My old mondeo Zetec didn't. Does anybody know if my 1.2 Zetec S fiesta needs both changed?
  3. gearbox oil

    hi - I'm new to the forum so bear with me! I have a zetec 1.2 to teach my kids to drive in. There's a slight whine and rumble from the gearbox. Goes away when you push the clutch in so probably gearbox bearing and not thrust bearing. I'd like to check the gearbox oil level and perhas put some molyslip in to quiten it down. As this is a 'sealed for life' unit, how do i do this? Many thanks.